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  1. I download a file. I double click it. It extracts.

    Okay.. file has extracted. Awesome. But wait... where is it? Scroll up and down the downloads folder -- can't find it. Arrange by name -- can't find it. Arrange by date -- can't find it. Arrange by size --can't find it. Arrange by date -- can't find it. I do a search for a unique string of characters in the zip file -- no dice. So I extract it again. File extracts. No sign of where it extracted to. I have this problem all the time and it drives me insane. :( Why so stupid design mac? Mac has no {right click -> extract to} feature.

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr (now holding and pressing a key no longer works--what is with my computer today .. grrrrrrrrr /end fuming frustration vent of patheticness.

    1. Maes


      Hellbent said:

      Mac has no {right click -> extract to} feature.

      I'm pretty sure this feature existed in Tiger (10.5). Again, I don't see the point in designing the GUI around a multi-button mouse and then supplying the user with just one, hiding most of the "advanced" stuff.

    2. fraggle


      Modern Mac mice have two buttons. The Magic Mouse apparently has a second button that you can enable via system preferences. The touch pads let you right click by using two fingers to click.

    3. printz


      1. What browser are you using? I tried to like Safari but it had some annoying quirks, so I switched to Google Chrome (which is related).
      2. Try looking for what could have been inside the zip you downloaded. Maybe the contents was automatically extracted and the zip deleted. Look for a new folder in Downloads.
      3. Letters are supposed to turn up the diacritics if you hold them. Generally I don't see the use of diacritics.