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  1. There was a path at the edge of a forest,
    that began with a swarthy tone,
    that first left the field for the foe,
    that wound its way from fern to grove;
    There was a word where the wold met the world
    where the short day saw the long one
    where the river carved a stone
    and where the lay of the land was all alone.
    I knew a way where wolves would hunt
    in groups and circle their prey.
    Now there are tatters and little else
    and prayers until they are numb.
    I found a hole in the depths of time
    and sunk my way through the ebbs and chimes
    and woke in a land that sparkled and sang
    where grass bent beneath a dazzling sky.
    And a minuscule flicker of hope
    like a tiny air-let released
    rose up in my soul;
    And for a brief moment
    not all was lost.