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  1. Relax... relax, it's not like we're talking about a fifth of vodka and a siberian polar vortex of supersnow. Slip sliding away. Nahh... they salted the roads to the point they were covered in a thick layer of car destroying rock salt. It's interesting how much my confidence and competence increases with two pints over sobrebent while driving in the snowstorm. Before drinks, 45mph cautious and nervous. After drinks 55mph fearless and aplomb. Of course it stopped snowing, so the roads were much better on the return trip compared to when we left the house. Though my friend who keys cars was suggesting we slow down. Still, I concede a friendly buzz makes me better at everything (including quiet entry into the house) than soberbent. Just saying.

    Seriously, tho, I am pretty much incompetent as a sober citizen of society. It really is mysterious to me how it just shuts down the part of my brain that just really s---okay, for instance, I am directionally challenged. But buzzed, I didn't need to ask my friend where to go, but when I'm sober I'm like "left here? striaght? which exit in the roundabout?" I'm fucking useless! but driving home tonight, without even thinking about it I knew all the turns and roundabouts--without even thinking about it--but for some reason when I'm sober I'm retarded. :( I can't go through life a drunk... so... what to do? it's very ... oddd to me.

    1. Springy


      Drunk.... on two pints? Jesus sunshine, thought you could hold your beer better than this.

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