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  1. Visited "family friends" and my good friend's mother asked me if I'd been doing any writing. I said when I move to Cambridge I'll pick it up again. She gushed, again about my travel blogs. I don't think I'm a very good writer but she was really going on how my blogs were awesome (not my dw blogs) and they were fresh and unique or something. So I may "become a writer" to salvage what little i have left of a so far well wasted life.

    What do you think of my writings on dw. Worth a grain of rock salt on an evening of overhyped snow?

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    2. printz


      fraggle said:

      Just use Git. Programmers have the same problem and we have solved it.

      Yeah but programmers code in plain text. Do writers use just plain text?

    3. darknation


      back to the OP, I remember trying to set up a loose collective of DW writers a few years ago. It never came to much, but if it's something people would be interested in...

      What I did learn was forums are really the wrong format for posting works in progress. When it comes to long pieces dependent on pacing, paragraphs and other writerly faggotry, you need something that displays your work as intended.

    4. Hellbent


      You mean like printed copies to pass around the circle? I hope to find some kind of "Inklings" like writing group in Cambridge. Would be sshhhwweeeeet. But, yeah, I'd definitely be up for joining a writing group on DW. Could focus it on writing very short stories or poetry or something. Instead of 32 in 24 we could maybe do 1000 in an hour or something. :p