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  1. My buddy has a lovely kitty who sadly won't be able to stay with him at his new place he is moving to. He has an interested party on Craigslist but was really hoping to find someone he knows to take the cat. Since he can't find someone he knows, he is wondering what the responsible thing to do, is. Let some stranger take his cat and hope they will be a good owner? Should he ask the interested party for references?

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    2. fraggle


      Hey, I'd offer to take him myself but my wife is allergic and I think pets are forbidden in our tenancy agreement anyway. I think you're aware that I live in Cambridge now; if you want, I can send round some info (ideally with a picture) to some local mailing lists at my office. There might be someone who will take him.

    3. Springy


      I am sure Bubbles can take care of it in his shed, along with the 37 other kitties around the park.

    4. Hellbent


      My friend found a home for Kitty. Thanks fraggle for the generous offer.