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  1. The bathroom I use is connected to my bedroom and my housemate for some infuriating reason has been assigned to my bathroom and I hear his stream loud and clear every time he goes. :(

    I take care of a guy with Fragile X syndrome (basically a very low functioning person with bad autism). I live in his house with others taking care of him and a family who are in charge of his well being and manage us employees. The job pays minimum wage but the perks are living in a nice neighborhood for $140/mo with all utilities and heat included (the house is valued at 3.2 million dollars). The annoying thing is I am working over 40 hours a week, so I am not maximizing the situation (which would be to work 18 hours a week and get another decent paying job). I tried to encourage the new guy to use the other bathroom down the hall, but for some reason I just heard him go again. :( I will have to talk to him again.

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    2. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      Use3D said:

      It's not even about overthinking, it's being such a passive beta-tard you can't even speak to another human being about what you expect from their behavior. You've done everything shy of tattooing your own face with the words 'STOP PEEING ON THE TOILET' to avoid simply speaking to this person like a human being. Hey Hellbent, grow some freaking balls.

      wait is this Jens or Leonard we are talking about?

      communicating this to Jens is a completely different ballgame than communicating this to Leonard.

    3. Hellbent


      Jens, normal guy, can't keep the toilet lid clean.

    4. Hellbent


      jeezus, I don't even...

      I ran into Jens outside my room at 11pm, disgruntled after hearing him hock chest contents into the sink (the bathroom is attached to my room--it has a small door attached to the bathroom so I can sneak into the bathroom from my room without leaving my room). I ask, sort of quickly, like I just want to say my piece and have it done with: "you know that's my room?" (pointing at my room) "yeah" comes the reply. "Okay, cause I hear like everything through the wall... clearing your throat, etc". HIs reply: "sorry if I woke you". Me: "you know there is a bathroom right over there, right?" (I point right over there)--his reply: "yeah... I guess I should use that one, huh?" To this, I mumbled something to try to ease the accusatory tone I might have taken, and to help him not feel too bad about the whole thing, but I'm thinking perhaps I should have said: "yes, that would be good". Did I really need to say that? Jeezus. As I write this, same dang thing as last night... he's using the bathroom, just cleared his chest contents into the sink, brushing his teeth, peeing..... Should I go outside my room and meet him again and do this dance again? I've never dealt with such social insensitiveness before in a housemate. I guess I should be grateful for always having good housemates up until this point. I guess I'll write him an email....

      edit: I drafted an email, just have to click send; not sure I have the balls to do it, though. (Technically, the other bathroom is already being shared by two other people, so I really shouldn't be deferring him to it, but I don't know what else to do):

      Hi Jens,
      As I mentioned last night, I can hear everything that happens in our bathroom since my room is right next to the bathroom. Is there any chance you could use the other nearby bathroom for things other than showering? Isn't that bathroom closer to your bedroom anyway? I haven't heard you shower so you must be using it at a time I'm not around, which is great. But for teeth brushing, chest clearing, urinating and other non-showering business, it would be very much appreciated if you could use the other nearby bathroom, as there are no other bedrooms near it.