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  1. So I figure a little project for me wouldn't be so bad, and since I kinda miss dooming and mapping and racing games, here's what I've put together on NewEgg:

    Sexy mid-range build

    If you could kindly look over the details of my items and see if you notice any compatibility issues please let me know! Specifically, I am concerned if the case is too small for the graphics card. I am quite out of the loop, but built a couple computers back in 1999.

    I may replace the SSD drive for a 7200rpm 1TB one since it's 3X cheaper than the small SSD.

    EDIT: if there is a graphics card that offers better bang for the buck that you can recommend, please do, as I am trying to get the cost of this build down.

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    2. Bucket


      If you're intent on junking the Macbook, I'd like to see how some flavor of Linux runs on it.

    3. Hellbent


      Bucket said:

      If you're intent on junking the Macbook, I'd like to see how some flavor of Linux runs on it.

      I'm not. When it isn't chugging on some malware vitriol it runs really fast. I just can't be bothered to try and hunt down the cause of its malady. I ran a popular anti-malware software on it awhile ago and it seemed to help some, but overall the computer is back to where it was before I ran the software.

      It's not just web-based problems. Sometimes I'll start playing doom after a fresh restart and it will be blazing fast, and then after a short time it will start chugging and the framerate will drop dramatically.

      edit: Formatting the computer would probably fix it.

    4. Hellbent


      Well, I am still on the fence about pulling the trigger on this build so I guess I'll do a pro and cons of splurging hard earned dough on a frivolous purchase:


      • I'll be able to play all manner of games, including top-flight racing games.
      • I miss playing games (right? I do, right?)
      • I'll be able to map again and play zdoom blazingly fast.
      • There's the off chance I'll enjoy some other modern FPS title.
      • There's the off chance I'll enjoy some other genre game, maybe an MMO.
      • I'll be able to resume Hearthstone, which would be somewhat worthwhile since I have collected good cards in that game over several months of grinding (before my Mac stopped being able to play the game).
      • I'll be able to resume playing Goodgame Empire which I quite enjoyed, even though the game bamboozled me into thinking spending hundreds of dollars on gems was a worthwhile investment.
      • Frivolous as games are for a person who should be writing his novel, learning an instrument or getting serious about a career, I deserve a fun computer for blowing off steam after a hard day's work.
      • I haven't been doing any of the "should's" mentioned above, so clearly buying a computer will not be harming my overall well being.
      • I still enjoy geeking out on computer hardware (right? I do, right?)
      • I need a somewhat challenging project, and putting a computer together would provide that.
      • I'll have a great sense of satisfaction once I finish the build and wish I had done the purchase earlier.
      • I'll immediately regret the purchase after everything arrives.
      • I'll lack the motivation/interest to put the thing together and the parts will sit around my messy room for weeks on end.
      • There are cheaper projects I could find to engage in than assembling a computer.
      • I'll mess up the build or there will be DOA parts and I won't have the wherewithal to mess with RMAs and restocking fees.
      • I don't miss playing games enough to justify the cost
      • If and when I do successfully build it, I'll hardly use the thing, rendering it a waste of money.
      • I should instead invest in figuring out what is wrong with my Mac and be content playing Doom on it once it's running right again, and/or buy a bottom of the barrel, used, cheapo system for Doom editing.
      • I don't really miss mapping very much and won't be able to justify the time and energy it requires at this stage of my life
      • I'll become addicted to some MMO game, and worse, I'll blow all my money buying in-game currency.
      • I no longer enjoy the thrill of racing games (NFS:HS still remains my favorite racing game from way back in 1999).
      • I overall don't have sufficient interest in games anymore to justify the cost of this build.