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  1. So I PM'd Mr. Romero about contributing to DTWID when that project was still in production and more than four years later he replies. Confused about his meaning, I asked him to clarify, but have yet to receive a reply. Rather than wait another four years, I thought I'd see if you all could shed some light on the matter:

    Hellbent wrote on 01-09-11 04:50:
    Hi John,
    Thanks for taking interest in our project and fielding our questions! I remember you did something similar on http://rome.ro several years ago. It's a real treat. Back then you may recall someone asking if you'd have any desire to make another Episode 1 map. As I recall you had expressed interest, but not sure if you ever did get around to it.

    Our project has gained momentum with your arrival, and I was thinking an exciting way to bring our project added authenticity might be for you to contribute a map. We'd keep it on the down-low that you were working on it until some time after the project's release. The Doom Community would then be surprise to learn you had worked on a classic style Doom project and they'd have fun trying to guess which map was yours! It might also be a good way to prep for your retrospective talk on Doom's development. ;)

    Jason Root

    He released what maps and where? Is he just talking about the original Doom maps that were released in Doom in Dec. of 1993? And what signature is he talking about; my sig "Yours, Jason" or my sig in my DTWID thread posts? EDIT: Maybe he means the Alpha maps?

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    2. Hellbent


      Whoah, what other cool things have I been missing out on whilst living under a rock?

    3. Sharessa


      Wait, Romero hangs around here now?

    4. geo


      Danarchy said:

      Wait, Romero hangs around here now?

      A lot of famous and not so famous game developers, movie writers and video game journalists do. They just don't publicize they're here. I've figured out who some of them are. Some information they've said matches with what happens in the future with who I think they are. Bluntly asking them are you so and so? Wouldn't work since its the Internet and someone could always be messing with you.