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  1. So my friend likes to troll Boxing Forums (well, argue on them, anyway). And his current ex wants to get back together with him, but tells him he has to eliminate going on forums. This is a great dilemma in the life of my bud. I don't see him making this level of sacrifice, but we'll see. His last girlfriend; college sweetheart, wanted him to cut back on forums and hang out with her friends and visit with her family and stuff like this, and they broke up over this, so I don't see my bud agreeing to full elimination of going on the forums in order to get back with her (though he has been distraught over both breakups).

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    2. Hellbent


      I think the forums he posted on were pro-Mayweather and he is very pro-Pacquiao so he often would blast Mayweather supporters; I think most of his arguments were sound, though, but he'd do it in a antagonistic manner.

    3. Phml


      Your friend must be a real crappy forum troll if he hasn't been banned yet.

      The whole point of trolling is to get a community to believe you're a legitimate poster, and not here to get a rise out of people. If you get banned, you lost the game.

    4. Armaetus


      Your friend needs to tell her to fuck off, I sure as hell can't and won't do such a thing if an ex wanted me to.