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  1. I hereby beseech the wise and candid council of the Doomworld members to offer their insights and suggestions for my life, as I am in need of direction.

    I had a nice job in Cambridge right near Harvard Yard caring for an autistic gentleman. We were making steady progress together; going for walks and even into cafes and our rapport was really coming along. I was looking forward to the summer, of the things we'd do together. Alas, none of it was to be. He choked on a piece of soft cheese at 4:15am in the morning while I was alone with him and responsible for his care in the overnight shift. He went into a coma and passed away a week later.

    So after that somewhat traumatic experience, I am not too eager to immediately find another position caring for people. Yet, that seems to be the position I have the most experience with. I was an English major in college and enjoy writing, but haven't really done any writing in a long time. I could find a writing job that pays next to nothing, but not sure it's worth my while. Also, the idea of writing with deadlines and a constant expectation to produce sounds stressful. I'm not a very fast writer when it comes to coming up with creative, original content.

    Some other interests I have, but little experience are:

    • writing
    • acting,
    • filming,
    • directing,
    • screenwriting,
    • music making (I don't play an instrument, but took piano lessons for several months years ago). I would like to make some music, but never had the motivation or patience to learn a music making program like SoundForge or Reason.
    I have received a fair amount of positive feedback re my blog writing back when I wrote a public/entertainment blog (not a personal blog).

    I have a sister in Los Angeles who works in the film industry and my friend is moving to a college town 40 min from LA and offered I could be her roommate there (as a foot in the door to film related things). I lived in LA when I was 22 but found it of a miserable experience--I think mostly because I was not mature enough for the challenge of living in a big city, more than anything else (and I really was not a fan of the smog).

    So I guess my options are; look for a job somewhere here in the Boston area and find a high-rent place to live and eek by, or move to the LA area and try to get into the film industry in some way (and eek by). The third, and easiest option (and least appealing) would be to move to NH and work for the organization that I was hired under at my job that just ended. I've already been offered a position and potentially housing as well in NH. But it's... NH.

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    2. SYS


      It was a legitimate question. I hear alot from my friend in the nursing profession. Experiencing your first patient death, putting on the toe tag and wheeling them down to the morgue. Consoling the family. Children dying, infants dying, the insane stresses of dealing with the sick and dying on a daily basis. Wears on you simply by hearing about it.

    3. Hellbent


      SYS said:

      [snip]Also a dude choked and died under your care. Isn't there liability for that? Or is it like not your fault, because their lives get signed away, so they will just get you a new one?

      I'm not liable because I didn't do anything outside the ordinary to be liable. I didn't shove food down his throat, I didn't neglect him in any way. I gave him cheese as he's been given cheese 10,000 times before. Not sure what you mean by his life being signed away. I wasn't working in a "meat market" environment. It was one person being cared for by 7 people rotating shifts in a large private house, which was his house (his mother was a high-powered lawyer and invested a lot of her money into her son). The organization I was technically hired by was located in NH and had a very periphery involvement with the oversight of his care.

    4. SYS


      That actually provides some context to the situation. Can you see how one might read "He choked on a piece of soft cheese at 4:15am in the morning while I was alone with him and responsible for his care in the overnight shift. He went into a coma and passed away a week later.", and immediately think liability?

      Maybe I'm one of those people that hasn't read every hellbent blog post to know your entire life story before replying. But I digress.