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  1. Okay, so I can make out with random girls in a night club, but in the middle of the street in broad daylight??

    There are a bunch of videos on yt of a guy going up to random hot girls, making a stupid game where the outcome means he gets to give them a quick kiss. He then proceeds to have long, hot make out sessions with them, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight with people around them going about their business. He doesn't get their numbers, he just has a hot make out session with them on the spot. And most of the girls are really hot. Can someone explain to me how this happens? They seem to genuinely be into him, so even if he is paying them or it's somehow a "setup" (which I really don't think it is) it's still damn puzzling to me. I am genuinely curious how he pulls it off.

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    2. bytor


      Just say no to random herpes.

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Memfis said:

      Let's reverse the situation. Would you resist random hot girls on the street making out with you? Probably not. Maybe it's the same for them.

      This has actually happened to me and it was still awkward. It was nice and all, but I'm a guarded sort of person.

    4. geo


      I just watched "Looking for Hot Girls" on Netflix, because I heard its the depressing side of the porn industry. It was always their first time. One girl's porn had her in a broken down car when her white knight comes along and doesn't offer to fix it, no no he offers to pay her money for the head to get it fixed. The reality is she's living in a cat house, doesn't own a car, flew there from somewhere...

      I'm sure whatever website that guy works for does that all the time. After the 100th girl he picks up for head, fans probably start to suspect something... and don't care how the magician does his tricks.