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  1. My Macbook Pro, which Ive posted about in the past (having malware on it) is still inexplicably running hot all the time. I left my macbook pro open with no programs open except task monitor and Safari with two tabs: Gmail and a paused Mumford and Sons video. I return to my house 10 hours later (whoahhh, how did 10 hours go by?) and I come into my room and I hear my computer fanning away. I check task monitor and "safari networking" process is using 100% of the processor.

    Can someone help me understand what my computer is doing to be running so hot while it's just sitting in my room for 10 hours (literally 10 hours) not being used? Are there bots/malware inside of my safari doing processes (a lot of processes to keep it running so hot to have the fan going)? If there are, what in God's name are they doing?

    I really really really would like some insight on this issue because not only is it really baffling to me, but it's obviously hugely inefficient and leaves very few resources for my computer to do actual useful stuff.

    tl;dr safari runs my processor at 100% all the time for no reason, why?

    EDIT: If I force quit the "safari networking" process the fan stops spinning. As soon as I click on a link or do anything online in Safari the process reloads and immediately goes to 100%, spooling up the fans again, even if I just click on the link that takes you to the different doomworld forums without actually browsing any forums.

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    2. GreyGhost


      This looks to be your best option, though not having a Mac and HP printer at hand I've no idea at what point you opt out of product research.

    3. Hellbent


      Thanks Greyghost!

      In other news, left my computer this morning for a bit and came back and checked on Safari (with one forum tab open)-- all the Safari processes were at 0%. Amazing. :)

    4. Csonicgo


      Another thing to check up on is a runaway powerd service. Sometimes this service gets "stuck" on one core and will turn your mac into an oven. just kill it in activity monitor and it should restart on its on.