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  1. Hi all, I lost my passport (again!) because, likely, I hid it from myself trying to put it in a safe place.

    Where do you keep your passport when you are home and not traveling? Thanks for sharing.

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    2. Megalyth


      Did you check the toilet?

    3. Krispy


      Check the most obscure pocket in your luggage. That's where I lose stuff that I don't want to lose.

    4. AndrewB


      Take some similar shaped object and pretend it's your passport. Then think of a good place to put it. If you don't find it there, pretend that it's a crappy spot and think of a better place.

      Oh and by the way, the last time I couldn't find my passport, I realized it was in a small carry-on bag and not some huge ass check-in luggage, duh.

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