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  1. I have the privilege of living with two of the coolest cats on Earth. One of them recently was diagnosed with diabetes and seems physically frail (you can feel the bones of his spine too well). So my roommate is like... overly freakoutish about silly things. He won't let the other cat who is only a year and very playful play with Simi, the diabetic one, because he plays rough, and he's worried he will break a bone of Simi. I try to explain to him cats are not like people in this regard and that Nigel (the youthful, exuberant playful one) is not going to break simi, even if he plays too rough and Simi sometimes can't handle it. What are your thoughts? Simi is about 9 years old.

    1. SYS


      I had a cat that became diabetic... RIP Lucy. She went from being very portly to skin and bones. She also developed cancer, and was very weak. It's good that Simi has some extra company, but keep in mind diabetes will have reduced Simi's muscle mass considerably. Simi will also be considerably depressed and lethargic in compared to Nigel the sprawling ball of energy. I'm not so sure about fractures, but think of it as a 20 year old wrestler in their prime, rolling around the mat with a terminally sick 80 year old.