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  1. Post here to vent or complain. I'll start:

    Grrrr!!! Get it together iOS! Your spiffy new feature where you make it easier than ever to send photos with a comment does NOT make my life easier. It makes it more difficulty and really annoying. Why? Because this is how I send photos:

    I write something and then I post the photo. "Hi, my cook is wanting to know the English name of this fish. It's long and narrow: then I go into photo library to select the photo to drop into the text message. And would you believe it? It won't let me! The only option is to send photo or send photo and add comment! Hey dumb iOS, I've already written my comment, hmm? *&#^ing moron.

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    2. ReFracture


      AndrewB said:

      And what would possibly give you the impression that I'm "some kind of alpha tough guy"?


      AndrewB said:

      What it utterly unforgivable about bronies is that, by and large, they want to find a girlfriend. I mean, just listen to some of these interviews. They're hopelessly ignorant as to what qualities women desire in men. Their obsession would at least be excusable if they were gay, as they might qualify as a bottom, but the majority of these males are genuinely heterosexual. That's why they deserve every bit of scorn and criticism they get. They're the male equivalent of a 500 pound woman whining that there aren't any good guys out there.

      You sound like a typical alpha tough guy who when asks if he likes MLP would respond with "No, I have a penis."

      You're lumping people who are into this subject matter as being only fit as bottoms in a homosexual relationship, and furthermore you are claiming they are hopelessly ignorant to what "qualities" women desire (nice way to make broad statements about women, by the way).

      You sound like a typical alpha male tough guy that people roll their eyes at when they start talking.

      I'd go on to say that I personally know MLP fans who are in heterosexual marriages, are successful, etc, but it seems like that would shatter your reality and you'd presume I'm making it up.

      So as I lack the tact and finesse with words fraggle possesses I'll leave you with this:

      Get the fuck over yourself.

    3. Tango


      40oz said:

      Thanks for asking Tango! I did in fact get the job. It's a nice cozy desk job, which means I will now have consistent hours, be free on weekends and holidays, and have less headaches. So I will be able to focus more on doom stuff can spend more time with friends and family.

      That's awesome man, so glad to hear it :D

    4. Coopersville


      Bought some shitty SteelSeries headphones on sale five months ago, and they've broke already. I've had to wait a week already to get a reply from them because of the holiday weekend. My RMA went through, but they want me to pay S&H just so I can send them back and MAYBE get my refund's worth in website coupons, on which their current line-up of products are more expensive.

      Currently wondering if I should make a big stink to get better headphones for free; if I should make a big stink at the store I bought them to at least get my money back; but preferably I'd like to think of a plan that lets me do both since I paid extra for the in-store warranty as well.