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  1. Hi, I am putting together a playlist for work. The goal is to add as many songs as possible (I'd like to get to 300 soon). I work with special needs people and I guess I am looking for feel good/pretty songs, folksy songs or songs that aren't too poppy, edgy or loud. For example some songs I've added so far are:

    Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
    Perfect Day by Lou Reed
    We Shall Overcome, Little Boxes,If I had a hammer, Turn, Turn, Turn & Where have all the Flowers gone? by Pete Seeger
    Old Dan Tucker by Bruce Springsteen (on Seeger Sessions album)
    Secret Garden & Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen
    This Land is your Land cover by Bruce Springsteen
    Hero by Family of the Year
    Fast Car and other favorites by Tracy Chapman
    Hey Jack Kerouac and I hope I don't fall in love with you by 10,000 Maniacs
    Thick as Thieves and other favorites by Natalie Merchant (mostly Ophelia album)
    Cecilia, Bridge over Troubled Water, Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel
    Change of Time by Josh Ritter
    Dreams by the Cranberries
    The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band
    Wish List by Pearl Jam
    Send me on my way by Rusted Root
    Run by Snow Patrol
    Morning has Broken and other favorites by Cat Stephens
    To Ramona by Bob Dylan
    Fix You & The Scientist by Coldplay
    Fighter Girl by Mason Jennings
    Slow and Steady by Of Monsters and Men
    One of these things first and Pink Moon by Nick Drake
    Tis a gift to be simple by Penny Rodriguez
    I found a way by First Aid Kit
    Bad Moon Rising by Clearance Clearwater Revival (any other good songs by them?)
    Hallelujah cover by Tori Kelly

    New songs and oldies are welcome as the age range at my work is 18 to 74. I guess I prefer discovering new music to older music, but you can see some of the older artists I have a soft spot for and the sort of sound I like and theme I'm going for. I guess I'm also trying to avoid megahits such as Piano Man and American Pie (though they have the kind of sound I like).

    I realize this is ...erm.. pretty much the wrong forum to be asking for musical advice of this ilk, but I know not everyone on here listens to doom-esque music, and for some reason I feel most comfortable posting here of any place (prolly something to do with the subject of the site and the fact that I've been posting here since 2000).

    BTW, (unrelated to my list) I haven't really listened to Leonard Cohen's final (timely?) album, but I am listening to it right now. The arc of his voice over his career combined with the quality of his songwriting; how he is not considered one of the greatest artists of the era? I don't disagree with Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Prize for Literature, but surely Leonard Cohen is in the same company as Dylan? Never understood why L. Cohen isn't more popular or celebrated. This album is more haunting than Johnny Cash's "Hurt". I think it is safe to say it is the most haunting album I've heard.

    It's as if all the wisdom of the world was contained in his voice and slowly revealed over the course of his life. Unlike other great artists, his final album was a perfect capstone to the profoundest legacy; as if he knew it was going to be his last album.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Sick Bow said:

      Not avaliable in America.

      Never thought I'd see this in 2017, dude don't we have torrents, proxies and stuff?

    3. Sick Bow

      Sick Bow

      bzzrak said:

      Never thought I'd see this in 2017, dude don't we have torrents, proxies and stuff?

      I meant the YouTube video

    4. joe-ilya


      Together On The Sand - NOFX
      You're Wrong - NOFX
      Straight Edge - NOFX
      Jamaica's Alright If You Like Homophobes - NOFX
      Johnny Appleseed - NOFX
      Buggley Eyes - NOFX
      Scavenger Type - NOFX
      Cool And Unusual Punishment - NOFX
      Eat The Meek - NOFX
      Lying Season - Alice In Chains
      Brother - Alice In Chains
      Heaven Beside You - Alice In Chains
      Shame In You - Alice In Chains
      Over Now - Alice In Chains
      The first six songs of Jar Of Files - Alice In Chains
      No Memory - Stone Temple Pilots
      Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
      Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
      Wet My Bed - Stone Temple Pilots
      Black - Peal Jam
      Jeremy - Pearl Jam
      Oceans - Pearl Jam
      Garden - Pearl Jam
      Release - Pearl Jam
      The Unforgiven series - Metallica
      Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
      Stone Love - Pepper
      Tradewinds - Pepper
      The album 40 oz. To Freedom except for New Thrash and Hope - Sublime
      Shaving Your Head - Lagwagon
      Ride The Snake - Lagwagon
      Know It All - Lagwagon
      Rust - Lagwagon
      Goin' South - Lagwagon
      Dis'chords - Lagwagon
      Coffee And Cigarettes - Lagwagon
      Brown Eyed Girl - Lagwagon
      Whipping Boy - Lagwagon
      Bye For Now - Lagwagon
      Gone Away - The Offspring
      Intermission - The Offspring
      Amazed - The Offspring
      Change The World - The Offspring
      Finite - Bad Religion
      I Want To Conquer The World - Bad Religion
      Sanity - Bad Religion
      Henchman - Bad Religion
      It Must Look Pretty Appealing - Bad Religion
      You - Bad Religion
      Progress - Bad Religion
      I Want Something More - Bad Religion
      Anxiety - Bad Religion
      Billy - Bad Religion
      The World Won't Stop - Bad Religion
      Invitation To Understanding - MXPX
      What's Mine Is Yours - MXPX
      Self Serving With A Purpose - MXPX
      For Always - MXPX
      Set The Record Straight - MXPX
      Inches From Life - MXPX
      Chick Magnet - MXPX
      The album Teenage Politics - MXPX
      The album Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits - The Ataris
      Jail - Down
      Pray For The Locust - Down
      Stained Glass Cross - Down
      Learn From This Mistake - Down
      Where I'm Going - Down
      Doobinterlube - Down
      Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But - Down
      Landing On The Mountains Of Mediggo - Down
      The album For Monkeys - Millencolin
      The album Kaesbey Nights - Catch 22/Streetlight Manifesto
      The album From Us To You - Chubb