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  1. I can't use the R word since I work with special needs people, so I am just going to say "re-re". I am re-re: I can never understand how to do the most basic things when I learn new software. So I figure; alright, I'll watch a Youtube tutorial on how to use Open Broadcaster Software. After my patience ran out for the video and watching it for like 10 minutes I still don't know how to do the most *basic* thing that the software does: which is to ... (ba-da-bish!) ...wait for it... !! record my screen! (and play it back). I click record screen and then I click stop recording. Nowhere in the software is there "save" or "export" or anything. But I eventually discovered OBS had recorded some files to my HD. So I played the files using VLC and they played back black (nothing recorded but blackness).

    I am running MAC OS X Yosemite.

    Also, I should tell you my purposes: I want to record myself playing Angband. Now the thing is, Angband doesn't display on my computer the way I want it to. This means I have to use Mac's zoom-screen feature: I hold down the ctrl key and use the trackpad to zoom in on the screen until Angand's little main window fills my whole screen. How will OBS handle this? Will it ignore the zoom and record my entire desktop? Or will it only record the zoomed in Angband window?

    Can I crop OBS's recording area?

    Thanks so much for helping a software challenged special needs person. :-/

    1. Vorpal


      I can't speak for osx but yeah OBS can do what you need. The black screen videos it recorded are probably from you trying to record a specific window / proocess. In order for this to work, the application has to have a direct3d3 or opengl renderer iirc (speaking from a windows perspective). I dunno what render method a terminal program like Angband uses, but it doesn't like OBS' window capture function.

      Workaround is to use Display Capture, then go to settings -> video and set your resolution to the size of your Angband window, then go back to the main OBS screen and click + drag to position (arrow keys for pixel perfect positioning).

      I'm not too familiar with Angband but I'm pretty sure it should be deeply configurable with regards to look and size etc. It's a true roguelike, tied to the OS' terminal, no? Worth investigating so you dont have to worry about the zoom issue.