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  1. Just woke from one of the strangest dreams I've ever had. It wasn't quite as jumbled a mess like most abstract/weird dreams. It was just really creepy.


    I'm not even sure where to start. We were on some kind of field trip? I was back at college or something? It felt like college + summer camp. But something very strange was going on. Very strange. There was intermingled with the main dream almost what you might call a side dream or a reality split where I was actually working, had two of my clients (people with disabilities) with me and only realized sort of after everything went down when I was trying to tell my siblings about what happened that I realized I shouldn't have had them doing the stuff I was doing in the dream.


    The chronology of events is hazy. In the side dream there was a camp fire but it was indoors in a large... something of a utility closet or something, and that fire got a bit out of control in someway, because I was giving my clients a bit too much free reign, I was letting one of them tend the fire and put stuff on it? (Details on that are fuzzy).


    There was also some kind of tech room at the university that we went into, with some AI machines (advanced computers that weren't quite robots but had sophisticated AI) or something... that went a bit awry. Here there was perhaps overlap of the side dream to the main dream since this room of mysterious tech gone bad felt directly related to the main plot of the main dream. Somehow related to this tech room were actual robots zooming around that were creepy as fuck, in the sort of way a really well done horror movie is creepy.


    The robots were these aerodynamic silver things flitting around the college/camp/campus thing we were at. They looked a little bit like giant silverfish, but minus any legs or appendages and they were much larger, about 4 to 6 inches in length (and perhaps even bigger than that). But what they were nobody knew, and they were creating some really weird shit to happen.


    I can't really remember the weird stuff that was happening. I do clearly remember that most everyone there at the college/camp/festival thing were completely ignoring what was going on, and I guess just thought we were crazy; either they didn't realize what was going on or they were in denial... I'm not sure.


    I remember at some point in an attempt to escape the silver slitherers my friends and I went into the woods and were trying to figure out what to do next. The AI of the silver slitherers was causing weird shit to happen. I just can't remember the details of it; so weird and creepy, though.


    I do remember towards the end of the dream that one of our party (not related to my work) wasn't afraid of the silver slitherers, or at least he was very brave and decided something had to be done, and was trying to figure out what they were, where they came from and why they were terrorizing the camp/school. At one point he was trying to isolate one in a camp style bathroom and was trying to 'pin' it down in a matter of speaking; trying to figure out just what it was and what it was up to.


    I couldn't bear to watch so I and the rest of us went outside. There was a terrible omen of something horrible happening: somehow we seemed to all have a similar vision or experience of an eyeball being torn out or something.


    Then some staff type person of the camp/school went into the bathroom to see what all the fuss was (she was a woman, but that didn't seem to matter for her to go into the mens room). But I don't remember her acting freaked out when she saw our friend in the bathroom with the silver slitherer. I think he may have actually been okay/managed to handle the situation in there.


    I do remember trying to have a conversation with someone about all the weird shit the silver slitherers were causing to happen, and how I was just getting really weird looks like I was crazy and people would just get really annoyed/tweaked out with me like I was the plague; not even acknowledging the silver slitherers existed: no one else seemed to be seeing/experiencing what my friends and I were which was basically that the silver slitherers needed to be stopped or the world and reality were going to be forever altered and fubar'd. In fact, a major recurring theme throughout the dream was this tension between everyone else and my friends and I that something seriously f'd up was going down and everyone else being in denial about it in a very standoffish/cold/harsh way towards us.


    I remember how visceral and real it felt the weird shit the silver slitherers were causing to happen, and how creepy it was that other people just thought we were crazy and were completely oblivious to what was going on with the silver slitherers. 


    I also remember one of my friends wanted to get back to his parents house but wanted to procrastinate the arrival time as late as possible and since I was driving him I became adamant that he could get back at any time and that we just needed to leave now. I remember feeling that there would be a sense of relief if we could just drive away from the camp and leave the silver slitherers behind, but that midst all the bedlam and chaos it was hard to gather everyone together and have a consensus about what to do next.


    But then in another scene I'm flirting with a girl; or more like she was flirting with me while I'm trying to figure out if our friend in the bathroom had his eye ripped out or whether he was actually in fact more or less fine. I looked down for a moment and saw the girl I was with had an extra left leg. I told myself that must just be a momentary glitch in realty and for sure that could not be right and by the time we got back to the car she had two legs as normal. At the car was another girl I had been developing something with earlier and I got the sense she wanted me to sit next to her but I kinda wanted to sit next to the new girl I had just met and the sun was hitting me in the eyes and washing out my view when I decided to sorta squat between the two seats (the back seats were separated by a small space and were more like boat seats than car seats) while trying to decide where I was going to sit. I think the car belonged to the first girl's mother; that she was a chaperone or something. 


    I really wish I could remember what the hell the silver slitherers were doing that was so problematic other than potentially murdering my friend in some horrible way in the camp-style bathroom. I guess it was more of this sense of a threat that so acutely pervaded reality; of impending doom that the silver slitherers were going to bring down upon everything. The atmosphere of everything being so freakishly fucked and beyond comprehension or control was almost feverishly thick; paranoia was constantly ramping up to near hysteria.