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  1. I just woke up from a dream where I was back at school but I was a lousy student. There was one class I was taking but I didn't even really know what it was on. I guess I wasn't really paying attention and I was sort of fumbling my way through it. There were short papers we had to write or take home quizzes we had to fill out or something. There was one homework assignment where we had to answer questions about Doom and I had just gotten my homework back and I was looking at the grades and I got a B on it. And I was thinking to myself... "how the hell do I get a B on an assignment about Doom???" This is a really sad state of affairs. I probably shouldn't be in school. I looked at one of the answers to one of the questions (there was only like 4 questions on the quiz or something) and one of the questions was something like "on which skill levels are there soul spheres" and I had answered on the back of the quiz in large all caps with great confidence ALL OF THEM but that wasn't correct, because some levels apparently had added soul spheres on easier skill levels and I was thinking to myself if the question had been anything else other than skill levels I would have known the answer but since I only play on -skill 4 how I was to know that?


    It's actually not that infrequent that I dream that I am back at school. Sometimes it's a recurring dream (takes place in the same building/class rooms) but often the dreams are different enough in setting/content that I wouldn't quite consider them recurring dreams (just similar dreams). I'm usually quite lost in them, struggling with the assignments, not understanding the course work/how to write the papers etc.