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  1. I dreamt I was a wanted man on the streets of Brooklyn or something, and so my friend Niko quickly gave me his dark gray, super nice shirt to put over mine and then I also noticed I had like a super fancy ring on my finger and understated but possibly high tech watch on. We went to a bar and tried to act normal, but I freaked out at one point when a man looked at me and I thought he was an undercover agent trying to get me. I then resumed "acting normal" as if I hadn't just acted super suspiciously and no one apprehended me. The make over really seemed to be working. 


    Later in my dream I was driving Niko's BM1 X1 and I guess it was a mix of rain and sleet out or something but I thought the roads were just wet. I went around the turn by Smiley's pond a little bit fast, but I was thinking, "it's a BMW, it can handle it no problem" and right after that thought finished the wheels slipped and the car went straight off the road and clipped a sappling before the wheel's found grip again and I was able to careen back onto the road without doing any damage to the car.