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  1. Ok, since the mods are so anal and won't let the game be discovered over a course of time, I'll just explain it.

    The person starting (in this case me) picks a letter. N.

    The next person then puts a letter, but has to have a word in mind. So if he picks O he might have the word "North" in mind. If he picks A, he might have "Navy" in mind. If he picks E he might have "Netherlands" in mind. The word he has in mind has to be at least 4 letters in length. Each person putting a letter next, has to have a word in mind. If at some point it comes to your turn and you can't think of a word that the current letters could spell, then you can challenge the last poster to find out if he had a word in mind. If he didn't or can't come up with one, he gets a letter "G" - he who spells GHOST first, loses.... Each time you post, you have to write out all the letters up to that point.


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    2. Hellbent


      læmænt said:

      eh, that doesn't matter. You still made a complete word and thus lost.

      Actually, yes, this is correct. Regardless of your intentions, if you create a full word that is at least 4 letters long, you lose. Sorry Grazza if that wasn't clear in the orignal stated rules.

    3. Grazza


      If it wasn't stated it doesn't apply. Expect a letter from my lawyer if you persist in this claim.

    4. Ultraviolet
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