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  1. Let me be frank: I like violent games. I prefer them. And I think games involving lots of violence might as well be gory, because violence is and should be depicted as an ugly thing, not a neat and clean thing. I think all of the violent T-rated games out there that let you shoot droves of people in the face without anyone shedding so much as a drop of blood are, in a way, more offensive than something like Manhunt, which unflinchingly depicts all kinds of grisly acts in full, gory detail.

    It's not that they're offensive, but unhealthy for youngins to learn from them that killing doesn't have much dire consequence. It raises an interesting point, what is worse, games where you kill people and not much bad comes of it? (it doesn't seem like it hurt much when that person got killed etc.) or ones where the killing is depicted realistically?