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  1. Zdaemon

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    2. Hellbent


      Forum: Multiplayer

      Thread: Game is now local due to error

      Posted by: Hellbent

      Views 2

      Replies 0

      Last Post 04-22-04 01:35
      by Hellbent

      And half those views were by me. So one person clicked on it.

    3. Bloodshedder


      and you waited how long

    4. Grazza


      Here are some tips if you want to ask for help with a particular problem:
      1) Start one thread, and choose the most appropriate forum for it.
      2) Choose a thread title that makes it clear you are asking for help, and roughly what you need help with, e.g. "Need help with Zdaemon ('game is now local' - wtf?)"
      3) Describe in your post exactly what the problem is, giving as much relevant detail you can, including which versions of the software you are using, etc.
      4) Wait. People will see the post, and help if they can.
      5) Don't bump your own thread. This makes people less likely to respond - or at least to respond with an on-topic reply.