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  1. Grotug: hello world!
    Grotug: my world is coming up roses
    Grotug: like golden petals of worth
    Grotug: like radiant shoots of birth
    Grotug: like a welcoming sunshining rainbow
    Grotug: spreading over all the lands its effervescent glow
    Grotug: hellow world
    Grotug: my world is coming up roses
    Grotug: like angels swooping down gifts
    Grotug: that grab my spirit and lift
    Grotug: send me soaring over
    Grotug: giant fields covered in four leaf clover
    Grotug: give me the inspiration
    Stalky enters the lobby
    Grotug: to bring about a better nation
    Grotug: one with true ideals
    Grotug: without compromise on its heels
    Stalky creates room "Private Coop"
    Grotug: something to get our attention
    Grotug: something worth beyond mention
    jolyon enters the lobby
    SkinnedAlive enters the lobby
    SkinnedAlive moved to room "Private Coop"
    Grotug: something with newfound intention
    Grotug: to end all the needless discention


    was in DC when I wrote this... heh.

    1. myk


      Washington DC?

    2. Hellbent


      myk said:

      Washington DC?

      Heh, after I made the post I realized that might be the interpretation. No... Doom Connector, hence the people coming and going while I was writing the poem.

      EDIT: Although it would have been fitting had I been in Washington DC. ;)