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  1. This is a blog of my road rides. It is really for my own reference to track my progress, but feel free to read and comment if you want to.

    Monday 9/14
    solo ride.
    Start: N. Pleasant and Fearing st > East Pleasant > Shutesbury rd > 202 south

    here's the route in detail with elevation. Look for the little "show elevation" check box in the upper right corner.

    ascent 1342 vertical feet.
    descent: 1365 vertical feet

    15.84mph avg speed by the time I reached the top of shutesbury hill.
    17.00mph avg at the top of 202 where the view is
    19.17mph avg at Amherst near Pelham
    30.5mph avg speed for the last 5 miles.
    top speed 48.84mph

    other remarks:
    I was surprised how much time I spent at 30+ and 40+ mph for the last 5 miles of the ride... I don't think I have ever ridden so long at those speeds on a solo ride before (of course it was all down hill). Was a pretty good route--bit of traffic on route 202, but there's plenty of shoulder.


    Tuesday 9/15
    solo ride.
    route: start: my apt --> up East Pleasant st --> quasi loop around the lake before returning to shutesbury road up the hill and turn around at the top of the hill and rode fairly hard back to the my apt for total of 23.5 miles.

    Total distance: 23.5mi
    Top speed: 39.59mph
    Avg speed: 19.62mph
    Avg speed at top of shutesbury hill: 17.23

    remarks: fairly hilly route, but nothing steep; several stops and u-turns bringing down the average speed (particularly stops at bottoms of hills). Coast back down shutesbury road was maintaining 35mph in the windy (not weather) section in a tuck (coasting).


    Thursday 9/17
    Case and myself pacelining
    very flat, couple little hillettes (not quite hills)
    Distance: 37 miles
    Top Speed: 40.33
    Avg Speed: 22.17mph

    other remarks: long pulls 1st half of the ride and 30 second pulls the second half.
    slight allergies--runny nose

    I FEEL GOOOOODDDD!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!! fine fine ride. :DD

    Saturday 9/19

    Direct up the shute; turn around at the top of the hill--bomb back down--and turn around again at the sharp turn to do it again and then back to my apt. 27.5 miles, 19.17avg, 40.33 top speed, 1730 ft ascent and descent. max average grade 5%.

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    2. Maes


      Hellbent said:

      They were too nice if you ask me. I was hoping I was going to get some vicarious retribution through that video....

      Like what? Steven Seagal-style disarticulation and dismemberment perhaps?

    3. Hellbent


      yeah, that or curbstomp

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Don't steal bikes, bro.