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  1. I had a cool dream last night where I was bored and wanted to drive a fast car. There was a souped up almost race ready looking Corvette parked somewhere and the keys were in it. (Don't you love dreams?) I got in and decided I'd just be real careful and return it without the owner knowing. I decided to go up a mountain near my home, but the road turned to very rough and bumpy dirt preventing me the ability to drive the car as it was intended to be driven. Then I woke up.... awesome dream I know. Sources of the dream are my latest obsession with seeking out big hills to cycle up and looking at a car magazine in CVS yesterday.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      I had a couple recurring nightmares as a child. In one I'm riding in the back of my dad's car holding a bowl of spaghetti. He gets out of the car and it starts driving by itself. Another had a crowd of people standing outside on a wooden stage as a cannon fired at them (sometimes I was on the stage, sometimes I wasn't).

    3. Bucket


      Now that you mention it, I had a dream all about animals last night. I was visiting my parents and there was an armadillo that made friends with a kitten. They rolled up in a ball together. Also, there was this (imaginary) animal with spiny legs that looked like one of those Striders from The Dark Crystal. We took pictures of it and played with it, until its mommy came to get it. For some reason the Mommy was a 40-foot-tall stone golem with a human face made out of trees. When they left, that's when I woke up.

    4. Philnemba


      I don't remember my dreams that much like I use to, however a couple of nights ago I had a dream that millions and millions of submarines and Jets were falling from the sky all over the world O_o