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  1. Last night I posted the following ad on Craigslist and received 7 replies. How do I choose the recipient? They will be sitting with me and my friends! So how to choose?

    The ad:

    I have 3 Bruce springsteen tickets to what will be a GREAT concert. I am going to this concert, I have extra tickets tho. So we could meet up somewhere outside the stadium, either at the stadium, or in Brooklyn or some other place. Let me know! Section 320, row fifteen, $39 each or $99 for all 3.

    * Location: Brooklyn, NY or East Rutherford NJ

    Here is a mass mail I was considering sending to the seven people that replied:

    ----------------------BEGIN EMAIL-----------------------------
    Thank you to everyone who replied with interest in the tickets. They are hard tickets. This is a mass mail to the 7 of you that replied. Now I need to figure how am I going to choose the recipients of the tickets. They came from a pack of 8 which I bought on eBay, even though I only needed 5 of them, so you will be sitting with me and my friends. I will be in Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon sometime between 3pm and 6:30pm. One way I could maybe make a decision is if you call me and we chat. Or even better, if you have Facebook or Myspace, you could add me as a friend on there and I could choose that way.
    About me: 29 male, University of Massachusetts student living in Amherst, MA, and I am going to the concert with 4 friends.
    [my nuumber] --

    Details on the tickets: They are in the overnight mail to me as I write this. They are hard tickets. I will be in Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon some time between 3pm and 6:30pm. I have an exam at 9am tomorrow, so there's no way I can come earlier.

    A simpler way would be to give them to the highest offer, but I think it would be more fun to choose based on a little bit about you since we'll be sitting together. But understand it's too late to be mailing these to an address. We have to either meet up at the stadium or in Brooklyn. Either one is fine by me. I live in Amherst, MA and the tickets will be at my door by 3pm today.
    [my phone #]
    -------------------END EMAIL--------------------------

    Is the myspace/facebook part of it too cheesy, weird, creepy?

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    2. Planky


      Krispavera said:

      Draw their names from a hat.

      Do this.

      Screw the email, why would you tell all of them your address and offer the tickers to the first taker, wasting the others time/money and potentially pissing them off?

    3. alexz721


      Grazza said:

      Quote them this post that you once made. Any that still want to go with you, get the tickets.

      It's rather funny the reactions he got. Little kids love to do weird shit to their dicks all the damn time.

    4. Pavera


      I read that entire thread. Were the standards different back then?