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  1. What's with girls in the club? "come on let's go" says the friend whenever you try to dance up on one of them. "don't dance with me *giggle* my boyfriend is over there...!"

    are there any girls in this club that want to fucking dance without quid pro quos? fucking hell.

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    2. MajorRawne


      Technician said:

      Girls are for fags.

      Actually, girls' bumholes are for fags.

      I hate it when girls give you the come-on then tell you they've got a boyfriend.

    3. sirjuddington


      zap610 said:

      Youtube clip

      Haha, how did I not know about this show?

      Downloading commence!

    4. bytor


      LOL!!! My gawd I almost pee'd myself alittle.