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  1. girls
    and more girls

    well that's three. Not sure I could come up with ten.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      myk said:

      Well done! That is an excellent example of "hard logic" losing the point of what it's referring to. Take the (soft and squishy) meat off the words, and give them a new meaning that tightly fits the logical structure as a condom fits the penis.

      I believe you've taken what was an off-the-cuff remark way too far.

      What was meant to be taken as a glib remark is lost in translation once you've taken it as "hard logic" example.

      Most importantly, the person who said these things is just as important as what is being said. You cannot possibly think I am serious. I'm pretty sure you know I'm less of stiff and more of a party boy (read: troll), perhaps you've already knew that, but decided to counter-troll me!

      myk said:

      Girls are to guys what relative philosophy is to strict logic. And, assuming we concede these firm and rational ones exist in that environment you've selected, they are, as printz and AndrewB conceded, rare, so you'll have to fight tooth and claw for them, while we wade through a sexy sea of soft and squishy ones unrestrained!

      Firm and rational in this case refers to skinny, rational girls as opposed to fat, emotional ones (soft and squishy).

      As far as women go, I am willing to concede the firm and rational standard in proportion to their hotness. I am a pig, a prostitute for pussy, and ultimately a man.

    3. Fredrik


      Stay the hell away from engineering physics. The male:female ratio is something like 20:1.

    4. Maes


      Joshy said:

      Would you safely bet that the statistics you've mentioned will stay the same for the next 50 years?

      Yes, if I judge by my little neck of the woods. Greece isn't exactly the country with the most liberated/forward thinking/progressive etc. female population in the world (in fact they lag horribly behind other European and American women and are stuck to older "values" or rather to a misleading mix of wannabe modernism and old values). There are exceptions of course, but most Greek girls and women feel uneasy if asked to depart significantly from traditional gender roles.

      Joshy said:

      Doubtful. This is just my optimism though.

      And maybe when that day comes there will be ch1xz0rz on t3h 1nt3rn3ts too...but it will probably be too late for us :-p