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  1. No, this post has nothing to do with cars, although driving home just now I saw a sweet corvette pass me. Then another one, even sweeter (corvettes are nice cars, but when they are tastefully tuned like these were, they are nearly as impressive as Ferarris) another corvette then passed, equally blinged to perfection. If that wasn't enough to put a smile on my face, a Ferrari then passes, then a Lambourghini Countash--wow, never seen a late model one like this before--then something I never had seen before on the road rumbles by (I do a double take) oh, yep, that was a Carerra GT, then a blinged out 911 Turbo and a Maserati cruise by. There may have been others, I can't remember, but after the Turbo and Maserati went by I was like, screw it, I'm low on gas, out of money, (I was going slow to save gas) I have to follow these guys. Throw my little Honda Civic VX into 3rd and pull alongside the Turbo.... The engine note that came from that car then sent my soul soaring. Whatever aftermarket tuning they did to that beautiful beast, it was amazing. I drove with them for awhile, threading the needle and admiring their cars up close (right on their bumpers heh heh--my insurance sure as hell won't be covering any mistakes I might make) and pulling up alongside the Maserati and the Carerra GT with the top down. Unfortunately they merged onto I-684, and I continued to course my way up the Hutchinson River Parkway. I wish I had kept driving with them... it wouldn't have taken me that far out of the way. Man... that was fun. What an epic collection of beautifully tuned exotics. Like I said, even the Vettes looked exotic.

    Anyway... so this happened while driving back from the city. I fell in love with New York like I never have before. It started when "Empire State of Mind" came on the radio while rolling through Time Square and ended with fog cutting off the tops of the buildings and shrouding the pillars of Brooklyn Bridge as I left New York this morning, and finally with such a send off by the car-meet as I couldn't have ever dreamed of. :D

    So.. anyway... went out Thursday night by myself (my friend had to work and had just broken up with his gf so wasn't in the mood). Didn't matter, tho, I was in such a good mood that I managed to have a good time anyway (it helped that the girls were nice). Ended up in a bar and sort of hit it off with an NYU student (goes to school for drums!) we played pool, I was pretty drunk, but sank all but one ball in like two or three moves. Scratched on the 8 ball tho, when she still had like 6 stripes blocking things up. She gave me a hug, I asked for her number, she told me to call her the next day (cause I had mentioned I was leaving the city). I didn't have my phone on me, so I gave her my number and she called me right then to give me her number.

    Now here is where the salvage part comes in. Like an idiot, I call her at 2:30 the next day (mind you, we left the bar at around 2:30am, she went home, I went to a small club down the street to dance myself soberish before driving back to my friend's place in Brooklyn).

    She wasn't very warm on the phone.. (but she did answer, and must have known it was me calling). I asked if she wanted to get together to do something (but I didn't suggest anything specific). She mentioned a rehearsal she had to do but said maybe later.... I was like whenever, I'm free all day. She asked if she could call me later if she isn't busy with rehearsing or work or whatever. She never called. I haven't texted or called her since (so it was Friday I had called her, now it's Sunday). Any suggestions? My friend thinks I should text her, but I think it's too easy to ignore (but it's also more laid back). Was thinking of calling her again--let her know I will be in the city again soon.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      lol girls

      Top Fuel is these things. Thousands of horsepower and 4 second quarter miles.

    3. bytor


      Hellbent said:

      Ignore the paragraphs about the cars.

      But...That was the best part.

      Super Jamie said:

      Top Fuel is these things. Thousands of horsepower and 4 second quarter miles.

      And to witness "these things" run up-close and personal is a really unique and fantastic experience! I, too, will be attending an event in June.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      bytor said:

      And to witness "these things" run up-close and personal is a really unique and fantastic experience! I, too, will be attending an event in June.

      They are amazing hey :)

      A mate of mine has a girlfriend who is really tiny, like probably 5 foot tall and weighs 40kg. The first time he took her to see fuelers he told her to go stand down the pits and watch them launch. So these dragsters come out, crackling and spitting flames, do a fairly sedate burnout run and go back for the launch.

      The tree goes green, the drivers give full throttle in an almighty roar, and my mates girlfriend actually blew over from the force of it :P