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  1. Okay, I know... lame.. but.. I need to do something while sobering up, and since the bitches were so cold at Karyoke (like what?) I feel I need to vent. Sung "No Surrender" by Bruce Springsteen with my friend, and "One" by Metallica (my friend actually requested that and I sang along with someone else as well, though I didn't know the song. I sang "all the right moves" by OneRepublic by myself, which was fun, but I thought I bombed the song. My friend tells me I didn't. He also did Blackbird by the Beatle, and we all did a few other songs collectively as well. Finally got fed up with all the girls cohesiving to each other (and not dancing with me except the blimp, but, honestly, blimps don't count), went to another bar. Hoola hoop girls in the bar hoolahooping. I said I had to try, (we had to take our shoes off-we're pretty drunk at this point [at least i am]) eventually I got it, but couldn't maintain it for more than a minute. My friend eventually mastered it tho! There were two girls who could do it well, one who could do 2 or 3 hoops at once! Pretty impressive. I talked to the cute one for a bit. She tells me she needs a bube job, I tell her ... no no no... boobs are fine. (my grandfather always said a handful is perfect--she says boobjob not for the size, but for lift... but honestly, her boobs were fine) I guess she was flattered, but she didn't cancel her appointment. oh well.... Apparently one of the other hoopers told my friend he was cute but he didn't pursue her for some reason. Otherwise maybe I would have persued the hooper I was talking to. Legumes and graphite pheromones.

    Oh, and the state building in Providence Rhode Island would make for a great DM map.

    Embarrass me Bulworth:

    1. Deeforce


      Hellbent said:

      boobs are fine. (my grandfather always said a handful is perfect[...])

      I agree with your grandfather. Handful breasts touches way better than chemical big ones! Hopefully you have one of those parties again.