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  1. when I was a kid my friend had these. they were never as cool as the toys i played with, but they were okay.

    I am in a motel room, waiting for my temp job to start. so i should be mapping. but I can't.. I just.. I'm not that... making good doom maps is so hard. If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see in a doom map, you could post it here, and I'll try to do it in my map. I really like Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds. You should like them too. This is so the wrong forum to recommend those singers. But... what are ya gonna do? I am not a robot.

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    2. Craigs
    3. Hellbent


      @exp ..umm.. yes. :)

      I started a new map and it blows! It really sucks! so disappointing. I'll prolly work on it some more, but the amount of effort and time to make something passable is frustrating.

      you can go to http://randomrootabega.blogspot.com to see some screenies of the awesomeness and offer me some encouragement :) or sober truth.

    4. Technician


      Craigs said:


      this apparently.

      This might be an unintentional look into Hellbent's personal life, that he spilled subconsciously. I predict he might leak out his diaper fetish if he continues to make write blogs.

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