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  1. drunk posting is the win
    not just drunk tho. lightheaded from the cigar--swimming like hell--spinning rather. fuck. Rejection anyone? "no, we're waiting for friends" or the classic hands up like 'wtf are you doing dude, sorry, we're just dancing, don't wanna dance with you' --you think it's the mustache ? meanwhile, my friend gets two fucking numbers, while sitting on the balcony sipping water. Fuck that.... biker bar indeed. (this is in albuquerqeue, like that fucking makes a difference) /end drunk fucking post geigh shit

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    2. Hellbent
    3. printz


      Even then you may just be ignored altogether.

    4. Hellbent


      printz said:

      Even then you may just be ignored altogether.

      it's an art form I lack.