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  1. returns an image of me before it returns an image from Doom.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Sharessa


      Technician said:

      I'm glad you laid off the estrogen pills.

      Um, that pic is 10 years old. I was a kid back then.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      Mike.Reiner said:

      haha Hellbent for Leather

      ArmouredBlood said:
      lupinx-Kassman said:

      I also get the cooking picture for hellbent. :P

      He wasn't saying that was the first result, just that his picture comes up before anything about Doom.

      oh and

      1. search "danarchy doom" or "duckreconmajor doom"
      2. find your avatar

    4. Sharessa


      Oh, heh. I didn't notice all the DW avatars at the bottom of the page there.