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  1. I download a mario bros knock from an ad banner. My anti-virus software alerts me to an attack. But the game still installs. Now my browser has dark green links on random words. I moved my cursor over one and it says "Mighty Magoo" and it's clear this is the software that attacked my computer (which now BSoD at random points and restarts automatically). Why would a software program have malicious elements in it if it proudly advertises itself as being on my computer? I no understand.

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    2. Edward850


      You would be surprised. Had a customer a few weeks back who was still using a 133mhz computer with Windows 95. Remember how annoying it was to install Ethernet cards on an OS that doesn't have plug 'n play and keeps asking you to reboot after the slightest of setting changes?
      The customer was a bit of a loon though, and probably doesn't understand the concept of advancing technology.

    3. GreyGhost


      Is he an accountant? I knew a firm that was still using 286's with DOS 6.22 and a manual card-file system when most everyone else was worrying about the Millennium Bug. About the only good thing that could be said about their filing system is that it was Y2K compliant. :-)

    4. Edward850


      GreyGhost said:

      Is he an accountant?

      No she wasn't. Infact, I didn't even think she had a job. However, there is nothing stopping you from buying some scrappy 1GHZ computer while on benefit, so I'm a little confused as to why one would stick with what she had.
      But like I said, a bit of a loon. She came in last week trying to convince us that it wasn't her PC she picked up.