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  1. fraggle said:

    Good grief. The stupid, it hurts!

    [/b]Is there a limit to what a person can learn and understand given enough determination, dedication, perseverance and time? Or is how much one can learn and understand limited by their intelligence/natural aptitude for a subject?

    The following analogy accurately captures my experience in attempting to learn math (Physics and Calculus):

    My mind is a car and my progress in the subject matter is a function of the speed (that is distance over time) and acceleration of the car. The greater my speed, the greater my rate of accumulated understanding. Thus, acceleration represents the rate at which I pick up the concepts. So a Bugatti Veyron Supersport would be the mind of Newton and the following example would be the mind of me:

    My car is way underpowered, as if someone disconnected 2 of the 4 cylinders giving it a terrible power to weight ratio and then put the e-brake on and parked it at the bottom of a very steep hill. I might get up to 2 or 3 miles per hour, but I'm not going to go any faster than that, not to mention that I would soon burn out the clutch, probably destroy the transmission and eventually blow the engine as well in the process.

    Did I answer my own question? :(

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    2. myk


      Okay, I guess I can stop looking in the book, then :p

      It does mention a few times that he would become oblivious to his surroundings while coding or that he'd need little more than a rather spartan room with a few books, a computer, diet coke and a mattress to work on and on.