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  1. what movie should we watch? I'm open to suggestions.

    Thor'sday night we watched When Harry Met Sally (and yes, it's not posible for guys be 'just' friends with girls). Last night we watched Moonstruck. Tonight we were thinking of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I'm thinking maybe something other than a comedy tonight.

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    2. Danarchy


      It was also, at one point, rated the worst movie on IMDB. It was so bad that two of the actors, including the director, ended up committing suicide because of it.

      And as for Christmas movies, I recommend Christmas Vacation.

    3. Bucket


      Be sure to watch the MST3k version of Manos.

    4. Coopersville


      I saw Casino for the first time the other night. Good flick. 'Just watched Harry Brown recently, and I guess I'd recommend that too.