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  1. My roommate just asked me how good at doom I am.

    Me: "I'm good. Not great, but good. For someone who has been playing doom for as long as I have, I'm good."
    Tardo: "How can you be good at doom? It's such an old game. It doesn't require any skill. There are newer more sophisticated games that do. How can such an old game require any skill?"
    Me: "I wish I had a mic right now so I could record the monumental retardation of this conversation."
    Tardo: "I can understand in new games how you can need skill, to stalk and whatever. But Doom is such an old game and simple game. What can possibly involve any skill?"

    In other news, I want to make a thread where I can just bitch and moan to high hell and say whatever the fuck I want. I feel like going on a long rant about all the stupid shit in the world and the faggity people that piss me off and how I hate all the stupid shit that is piled high all around me. I think I am just bitter for still being sick. But I am just in the mood to blow off huge quantities of steam. To be as insensitive and inconsiderate as humanly possible. Do you ever feel like just going off and not exercising an iota of self restraint? Wouldn't it be nice? To just go off on how Technician is such a fucking twat? Or how I secretly loved that Kristus wound up in Losers shortly after telling me to stop posting? Feel free to use this space as a shitting ground. Go on! Tell me how much I suck or the rest of the world sucks and how you wish I'd die a horrible death in a vat of acid. We spend our whole lives acting in a civilized and restrained manner. Sometimes we should be able to just say the fuck whatever we want. There should be a single day of the year set out just for this purpose. I say December 11 is as good as any. I want to hear your unchecked wrath; your vile hatred and disdain for all that is shitty. Don't hold back, let the world have it.

    I dreamt last night that a moderator PMed me offering me a moderator position, because one of the mods had been acting like a turd and lost their privileges. And I was wondering what the hell I did to earn the opportunity for such a position. I think that's the first time I've dreamt about doomworld. How the fuck is dreamt not a word. God I just want to kill the stupid.

    In other news: I did a youtube search for "hilarious video" just now and this was the first result. Yesterday I went on my blog to post something and saw I had a new follower on it. It was the guy who posted all the pics that are in this video. i find that kind of strange. Especially since yesterday I debated posting a blog about the guy's photos, but didn't bother, and then the next day I run into him again!

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    2. 40oz


      yeah? well fuk you too fgt

    3. Danarchy


      Oddly, my friends had the opposite reaction to my playing Doom. I did a Let's Play for them of the first two episodes and their reaction was "damn, you're pretty good at this" which is weird, because I'm not. I get my ass handed to me in deathmatch and usually have to play PWADs on skill 1 if I want to beat them without cheats.

    4. fraggle