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  1. Last night around 1am the fan for the fireplace went on. I asked the others living in the house if they turned it on and they said nope. Although there is one other person I need to ask. But no one would have any reason to turn it on. My friend who lives next door said he saw a ghost on his bed when he went to sleep last night. I have been getting 'attacked' from time to time by ghosts? ... something... when I go to sleep at night. It feels like my body (and mind) are being taken over for a period of time and I have no control over my body and very little over my mind--i have to struggle each time this happens to regain control... it's sort of like trying to wake up from a bad dream. I suppose it happens about once a week. I've described it elsewhere on the forums as night terrors.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Hellbent said:

      My friend who lives next door said he saw a ghost on his bed when he went to sleep last night.

      Is she hot?

    3. Xeros612


      printz said:

      [...]he was seeing with his peripheral vision a Baron of Hell sitting on his desk chair. That's gotta be awesome, man. Others have reported seeing floating dead flaming heads hovering in their sights. Come on.

      Somehow this comes off to me as more imagination or dreaming than anything. I highly doubt actual spirits and whatnot would conveniently be the same form as monsters from a game series. Unless said spirits have the ability to manifest themselves as something familiar to the person they're appearing near, this seems too far out to believe as actual ghost sightings.

    4. 40oz


      A few weeks ago I was driving home late at 4am on a cold winter night after I was out with a girl and as I pulled into my inanimate barren neighborhood and before it was too late there was a very peculiar looking puff of smoke or fog or something that appeared in the rays of my headlights and I drove right through it.

      It didn't have the figure of a person or an animal but it was creepy being as though it wasn't humid enough to have naturally occuring fog and it didn't appear to come from anywhere than an empty lot with some trees. I wasn't haunted or attacked or anything but it was pretty eerie.