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  1. the girl i am writing about--i don't even want to be her g/f i just want to be her friend. I mean, I'd consider dating her, but she has a b/f.

    So I met her in a class at an all girls school (cause where I go to school there is a 5 college consortium where anyone from those 5 colleges can take classes at any of the other 5 colleges). We had lunch, bought our books, hung out at the museum--were getting along well, were fooling around more than getting work done--left the museum, waited for the bus--her bus came before mine, but mine would also work for her, so she waited with me for mine--finally we went our separate ways. Next day we went to a geology talk together. She enjoyed the talk, all seemed good. The next day we had plans to go to another talk. I decided to go down to her school to meet her there and ride the bus back with her. It occurs to me that she wouldn't necessarily call me or text me when she got out of her class, but rather once she was on the bus up to my school. So I text her where she's at, and she's on the bus--I then realize I don't have enough time to get back to my school (sorta lost track of time--her school has awesome food) so I call her and she seems maybe slightly agitated that I call her right after she texted me that she's on the bus--tell her i messed up and i will be late for the talk, but that i can give her directions where to go to get to the talk (since it's at my school). she said no worries, she's with a friend from my school and he's going to the talk with her.

    Okay.. that was kinda weird--I mean we talked about going to the talk together... so.. what's with her going with her friend? She said she'd save me a seat, but there was no way of me getting over to where she and her friend were sitting without interrupting the talk. so i found the nearest seat i could to be as unintrusive as possible (incidentally the next mass email for the next geology talk stated "be prompt!" grrr). After the talk, we very briefly talk about the talk, she introduces me to her jock friend, and she mentions having somewhere to be and splits; i'm like okay... whatever.

    Next day or so we end up texting back and forth about nothing important, music, geology, classes etc... she says she's taking a really cool course on ..the NonHuman, about what disgusts society most. I ask her if her professor allows sit ins. Long pause on her end of no reply... my roommate and his girlfriend both think that was not a smooth move.. I don't really get it, something about following her or something... WHATEVER. She finally replies "Most likely not. There are like 20 in the class." She then sends another text switching the conversation back to music.

    The next day she texts me letting me know classes are cancelled--we text some more about what we are going to do with our days off... it ends me with me asking her if she knows any good places to go glade sledding since she said it was awesome. She says Nope.

    Later that night around 11:30pm i send her a text asking if she wants to go sledding tomorrow. The next day she replies "sorry, I'm busyyy". Then a few hours later texts again: "Oh that text referred to today, I spent the night at umass [my school] and didnt' check my texts" --now i'm pretty sure her b/f doesn't go to umass. so where did she sleep over? I suppose she could have a good friend that goes there--but that struck me as kinda odd.... She also didn't mention if she was actually, then, available to go sledding. I just replied "oh, haha" and didn't ask if she was available since I had to be somewhere.

    We don't communicate for 2 days.

    Then she sends me a text "so seeing as you have been over 21 for awhile and I am just shy of 20..."

    I call her and we discuss it and she opens the dialogue with "just so you know when i turn 21 i am not going to buy people alcohol--what if something were to happen--what if you bought me alcohol and I died!" After she said this, I gave some thought to whether I should support a freshmen party in this way. Finally I decided I would, but first asked her what was in it for me. She said I could come (to the party) and I was like maybe... but she said it wouldn't be fun--bunch of freshmen guys from umass who do crew. I took this as her way of saying she didn't really want me at the party. So I asked for $15. She said okay. To protect myself, she agreed (and actually suggested) to come all the way up from her school to my apt which is like an hour bus ride. This way her and her friends could load up their backpacks and not attract any attention. I welcome into my apt, show them the booze--they work out the money between them.. and a slightly odd thing happens: she says to her friend "give him 85" -instead of to me--that just struck me as slightly odd... if you are going to give me $1 and change less than the agreed amount (the tab was 71 something) shouldn't you say to my face "is 85 okay?" Anyway, her and her two crew boy friends (one of them from the talk the other day) say g'bye, and she says 'see you monday' not offering me to come to the party, but still cordial.

    My roommate saw the whole transaction as low on her part--that I was used (even though I made an easy $14). It also bears to note she bought me lunch the first day we met since I had no cash on me, which I paid her back for.

    My roommate thought I should press her on the point that she wasn't inviting me to the party after providing her the bulk of the alcohol for it. I was going hiking/extreme sledding early the day after her party, so I didn't really want to go to it anyway--but when the weather was looking more like rain/sleet than snow, I texted her letting her know I'd be able to come to her party.

    She replies: seriously?
    me:Yeah, why not
    her: "idk I just didn't think you'd be interesetd considering it's just me babysitting 12 guys from Umass...
    Correction: freshmen guys. There's a reason I went to an all womens school"

    okay.. this is just retarded. She told me the first day i met her how she doesn't like the grovelly nature of freshmen guys.. and now she's inviting a jury's worth of them to her party? to babysit them? Like.. umm.. what?

    me: I don't follow the last part [about reason she goes to all womens school]
    her: I went here to avoid being with freshmen guys, I'm making a joke don't laugh i'm not funny.
    me: Hahaha, failure on my part. I don't mind freshmen guys, as long as it's not really just you and twelve of them :P
    her: "Yeahhhh it might be like that for a good portion of time...."

    All this time my roommate is reading the convo and saying she's full of it--the party is going to be a rager--she just doesn't want me there....

    A little later she changes the subject again: do you think the prof will like me if I argue hip bones NEVER EXISTED on the platycarpus?

    I reply saying I haven't worked on the lab, but if you support it fine--
    her: Haha oook. So come tonight if you want but I can't promise it won't be awk... im already stressed it will be arrg
    me: you need some *girls* there too, otherwise it will be.
    me: Ahhh... ageism.. wait, what? [yes, I actually sent these last 2 texts]
    her: idk I hate organizing these things it stresses me out

    now.. in retrospect, I think she was telling the truth, but my roommate wasn't buying it at all--so I text: "i'm trying to feel out the real reason you don't want me at your party" [damn... shouldn't have listened to my roommie!]

    her: It's going to be mad uncofmortable for all people inovlved and I don't even want to do it anymore!

    me: why?
    her: why what
    me: Why will it be uncomfortable?
    her: because a lot of my female friends might probably flake shortly after we've begun.
    me: are your equally concerned with the welfare of all the other guys too? [my roommate actually sent this text, not me]
    her: what do you mean? the guys are here for sure
    me: Why would the guys stay if all the girls leave? [that was me]
    her: well my bestie and prolly another are spending the night
    me: well your pad is pretty big, I can just crash on the floor.
    me: .....kidding.....

    I then call her she doesn't answer. 15 minutes later she calls back, was on the phone etc... explains to me in what to my ears sounds very sincere about the whole situation... that there is another party near her dorm and she's afraid that people will only come to her party for a short period if at all (her girl friends I guess). Says she meditated that morning and realized she can't wait for the whole party to be over with.. that parties at mt. holyoke are more personal--where everyone who attends gets introduced--that she wouldn't be able to spend much time with me... (...12 freshmen guys...) there was probably some other stuff in there as far as her explanations went... she asked me if I was kidding about sleeping over--I said yes of course... she said she was having her boyfriend over next weekend and that one of her guy friends said he'd be sleeping over--she was like, "no way!"

    The next day I did my extreme sledding and skiing (with none other than our very own Magicsofa).

    So given this excruciatingly detailed account, do you think she just doens't like me or was using me for alcohol? (I personally don't think so). What do you think the real reason was for her not wanting me at the party?

    Yes, I prefer minutia detailed blogs about my life to doing homework.

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    2. Snakes


      Technician said:

      Next time you see her, tell her fuck off, you don't need to stand for such bullshit.

      "Fuck off! I don't need your shit! I've talked to John Romero online!"

      Let her figure the rest out.

    3. Technician


      Snakes said:

      "Fuck off! I don't need your shit! I've talked to John Romero online!"

      That's sometimes my opening line...

      Well, at least it would be if I ever left the house.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      It's mine too but instead of John Romero I say My Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ and then I pull out my holy water and start spraying her and calling her Jizzebel. Then I sprinkle some holy water.

      But yeah, in your case Hellbent I'd just try to get really close and then beat off in her cereal one morning. Then leave town while giggling like a girl.