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  1. i don't have tv and just was wondering what interesting things I've missed out on in the last year or so. What's good on the bube tube?

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    2. DooMAD


      I've been watching Fringe, Lie To Me and both seasons of Spartacus lately, but then I don't actually watch them on a TV. Either a friend downloads them, or I watch them streaming online.

      Also Formula 1 just started again, so I'll be watching that.


      Also, also, Fringe has been renewed for a 4th season.

    3. Sharessa


      Big Bang Theory is funny...ish. Not really, though. They could have made a show about nerds appeal more to, you know, nerds. Just look at any random web show or the Dead Gentlemen movies, and that's how you make comedy for nerds. BBT kind of fails to match such things.

      Johnatone said:

      FX has some good shows like Justified and Archer, and some of their older shows are still around like Rescue Me and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia although those are between seasons. House is still going strong but I've missed most of the last season. Futurama came back with a new season last year but the next season doesn't start til next year; Comedy Central owns them now and syndicate the hell out of them. Then there's some of the Adult Swim shows like Venture Bros. and Superjail, the former between seasons and the latter with a new season starting tonight; also Robot Chicken rules. Generally speaking though Adult Swim puts out shitty shows anymore and I never watch past 11:30 anymore. Beyond that I don't watch TV anymore as like everyone else I think almost everything on TV is absolute shit anymore. Hell, I even quit watching the news and I used to thrive on that shit.

      Yeah, Futurama is back on now, and that's awesome. Adult Swim is pretty much shit now. The only shows I really like on it are Venture Bros., Robot Chicken, and Ghost in the Shell: SAC. All the original programming they have is pretty much directed to chronic stoners. You seriously have to have smoked about a whole pound of hash to find any of it funny.

    4. Hellbent


      I like that it's not catered to nerds. The show is an absolute riot. I can't get enough of it. The writing is very creative and witty. Jim Parsons is genius as Sheldon. I was smarter than usual in my paleontology class this morning. I almost want to credit it to watching another 8 episodes of BTT over the weekend. :D