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  1. when you're feeling blue, does music make you feel better?

    Or am I just emo?

    I still feel blue.. but the music turns it into something bitter sweet.

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    2. Sharessa
    3. Hellbent


      dew said:

      i usually listen to sad music when i'm melancholic or feeling down. things like portishead or godspeed you black emperor.. my own problems transform into being worried about beth gibbons' sadness or just the impending apocalypse in the latter case.

      Portishead.. mmmm good stuff.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      For me, at least, it does help to have a phase of sad music whenever something has really got me down. It's not a "cure" for what ails you, but as someone else said, it's sort of a "misery loves company" kind of thing, it's nice to know someone else has felt a similar way, and not just anybody else, but somebody with considerable influence via their music.

      After a while, I'll transition to what I consider my "zen" music (STS9's Artifact has been filling that role for me lately), and then I'll be able to enjoy everything again.

      Likewise, going on a bender when you're in a rut - the purpose isn't (or at least, shouldn't) really be to fix your problems, but just to let off some steam.