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  1. when you're feeling blue, does music make you feel better?

    Or am I just emo?

    I still feel blue.. but the music turns it into something bitter sweet.

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    2. Hellbent


      Mr. Freeze said:

      You need to give me your address so we can hang out, brah. Between the two of us and whoever else lives near you (St. Alfonzo?), you'd be set for a shitload in terms of fun.

      Heh, sure thing man. Kinda hectic right now tho. Prolly be better to meet up once the semester is over.

    3. purist
    4. dew


      i usually listen to sad music when i'm melancholic or feeling down. things like portishead or godspeed you black emperor.. my own problems transform into being worried about beth gibbons' sadness or just the impending apocalypse in the latter case.

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