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  1. AnAussieGamer

    My map for speed demos

    Oh. I put the linedefs as secret and i thought that was how it worked.
  2. AnAussieGamer

    My map for speed demos

    When i played the game back in DB2 i could walk on enemies, i totally didn't think of the height problem. It was really stupid of me. In the first room with the demons and sargeants. You can walk through the wall where the lava is in the top-right part of that area. After you get the red key, go back to where you had to drop down to fight the spectres and there will be an open wall with a megasphere and you can open up the wall behind that for a rocket launcher, and another wall behind that to get teleported to a room with another hard fight. Play it again, then tell me what you think of the secrets. =]
  3. AnAussieGamer

    My map for speed demos

    Here is the fixed version, just deleted the dead guys hanging from the roof. map01.zip
  4. AnAussieGamer

    My map for speed demos

    For some reason when i play my demo in prboom the caco's at the start don't move. I'm assuming it has something to do with the things hanging from the roof. But it works in zdoom if you can walk on enemies.
  5. AnAussieGamer

    My map for speed demos

    Here is my map. This is the first one i have ever released, i took a few days doing it though. Try to do UV-MAX and NM-MAX. My fastest time on UV-MAX was 3:20 I'm sure there are better ways to do it. Ammo and health are scarce, so take care. map01.zip
  6. AnAussieGamer

    SR40 v. SR50 discussion [split from Final DOOM demos thread]

    You can't turn when using SR50. You literally have to let go of keys, turn, then do it again. So if someone is using SR50 and turns, thats because he has sr50 auto on. Which means just normal strafing becomes sr50 and you can turn. I think...
  7. Someone clarify this for me, i thought either strafe40 or strafe50 were counted as tool assits and any demo submitted with them was a TAS.
  8. Incase you didn't notice, no one else can enter the zdaemon competition. Anyway, my map goes live tomorrow night (gmt+10) If you want to do UV max or UV speed do a demo of it and show me, it is my first map so be kind. But i'm liking it at the moment. It's pretty short, but it's just a test map. The new maps will be longer. I'm not sure what complevel everyone should use. Perhaps -complevel 4, What do you think is best?
  9. AnAussieGamer

    Help with map names

    Figured it out straight after i posted this. Please delete thread.
  10. AnAussieGamer

    Help with map names

    I accidently named my map e1m1 instead of MAP01. Now when i load my wad i have both maps available, how do get rid of one of the maps?
  11. So, does anyone want to help me with mapping? I know how to do everything EXCEPT make stairs lower instead of raise. I am doing a level for the wad i'm creating, but i am going to upload it for this speedrun competition as the first wad if no one else submits one. I HOPE to be finished by late tomorrow afternoon or the day after. It's hell based. If anyone wants to help i would be gladly appreciated.
  12. If you make an egg/ribcage can you make it explode like pain elemental effect and have a lost soul come out of it?
  13. AnAussieGamer

    Hardest WAD you've ever played?

    I might just be a bad player, but i can do Alien vendetta (although im only up to level 8) and i just started cchest3 and i think the first level of cchest3 is harder then the first 8 levels of alien vendetta. What about harder heretic wads? Theres not many out there, but i'd like to see some hard ones.
  14. Maybe if we build a speedrun.wad the prize can be that we mention the winners name in the credits as the best player for the wad.
  15. I figured a way to make the contest more balanced. Have runs of every difficulty level, but you can only post a run in ONE difficulty. So if you do UV-MAX you cant do a run on the easiest difficulty until that competition is over and if no one has done a run on the map. But what would make people not do the easier difficulty? Better prizes for the higher difficulty's (if we have prizes) Maybe we can think of a competition name and i will be glad to design shirts to give out if people submit some money for me to design them, don't have to, but just a suggestion. I will be building maps based just on speed running. They will be long 4 - 5 minute maps, very hard, lots of puzzles. If anyone wants to team up with me i would appreciate it as my mapping skills aren't the best, but i did make a wad just never released it. My email is aaronwheeler_09@hotmai.com email me with your doomworld username and another way to contact you (email etc) Then we will talk about building maps together.