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  1. Hopefully Jaxxoon solution work, otherwise i found a couple of old workarounds, but they aren't exceptionally good.
  2. If winning is your only concern, don't play anything multiplayer related, period. I basically grow up with quake 3 arena and quake live, and i was pretty good in retrospect, often scoring a first place on some maps. Quake (3) live and unreal tournament have some crazy height skill floor for the online multiplayer component: bunny hopping, rocket jumping and map control in addiction to just being good at shooting. I wasn't really that good at aiming, but since i often had complete map control i could survive much longer than the average player. Honestly it isn't surprising that the more casual players won't play it. @Arctangent : it seems to me you are slightly missing something here: even league of legends and overwatch have a steep leaning curve somehow, and while i can't say it for overwatch, lol have an insane amount of pre-knowledge necessary to even try to be competitive; and thank god that the match making work in that game, otherwise it would be a nightmare to play: the skill gap between a casual player (like myself, who only play with friends) and a "decent" player (not even good, mind you), is actually insane. I do believe that the problem lies on how it is perceived more than the actual difficulty (or skill gap) of the game. (and also a good matchmaking system, that would be essential to try to not "scare off" new players) Returning to topic: i honestly like how this new quake is presented, and may even end up playing it if my laptop can handle it. The difference between the classes don't seem to matter too much, but add a nice spin to it.
  3. Nice, i knew i could count on the community :D. Played "running late", and it was pretty good indeed. I had to start saving on map 4 but it was well worth the experience. Returning to the linked maps, i know some by name and others i already played them (like "the eye" and "dead.wire"). I'll try to play them in order of suggestion. Edit1: had some time, played waterlab on hmp, was not impressed. Never been a fan of Enjay's work tbh, and i missed the super-shotgun somehow (if there even is one in the map). Gameplay was really dull and the new monsters added nothing to the formula. Onward to the next one.
  4. @Outrageous Videos Yeah, Lunatic was pretty good, but I've already played it some years ago. @Salt-Man Z will look into those. Is Mordeth actually good? I've always seen it more as a inside joke than an actual mapset :P (btw, that link is dead).
  5. @Summer Deep I remember this one, i downloaded it several years ago (probably ten or so), but can't actually recall if i even loaded it up correctly at the time. I might give it another try. @Scotty Nice, i will look into it.
  6. Posting for reminding myself of it's existence once i have some free time. Are you interested in demos? i might be able to record a FDA if you are.
  7. So, after a somewhat long break, i want to get into doom again. The problem is: i'm getting bored of standard doom maps faster and faster every time i play something, so i need something to rekindle my interest. What i am looking for? - Self contained wads that don't go over 7 maps (this is my hard limit currently), 1\2\3 maps wad preferred. - Give me something memorable that can recapture my interest. - Difficulty isn't too much of a problem, but wads like "swim with the whales" might be a little too much for me, especially after not playing for so long. - Weird maps like "Void" by Cyb are welcomed. That said, thank you in advance to whoever want to help out.
  8. Installed the free version a couple of days ago, and man, this game feel ancient... it makes feel age of empires 2 like a top modern rts. No rebind able keys, maximum units selection restricted to 12, the fact you have to manually assign each worker to do it's job after it is created and some general ui unfriendliness... edit: you can't select multiple building? this is really bad. BUT, overall i'm really interested in it, if the time zones collides i may even try to join you two @Fonze @Decay to get properly demolished! Regarding xp: here's a post by blizzard, unfortunately, making it compatible with the newer systems may have broke backward compatibility... it's not the fist time i see it happens, so i guess is almost inevitable with older games.
  9. Heretic is a weird one. Lately i've come to terms that it need a lot more setup to be challenging than doom(2): you need to make the player rely on the inventory system (*), abuse the ghosts immunity to physical harm to make the player use the appropriate weapon at all time (**) in addiction to environmental hazards and general crossfire. I have the idea that Heretic is a bit more tactical in it's approach to combat than doom, due to the large selection of artifacts (which are more or less problematic) that can potentially alter drastically the gameplay (the mere existence of the wings of wrath is a complete game breaker for the "standard" doom mapping convention). There is a reason why Doom(2) is extremely more popular than Heretic, and some reasons can be found in this very thread. (*)example: encouraging the player to use the bombs aggressively to clear large groups of enemies which would be inefficient or dangerous to clear one by one. (**) a couple of examples: 1) Undead knights\nitrogolems can shoot trough ghosts, this meaning you, as a mapper, can use it to form a literal wall of projectiles if you need to and/or to protect the hard hitting monsters behind the ghosts. 2) Ghosts are naturally resilient to the crossbow, due the side projectiles not connecting and the already stated huge randomness of the damage of the central one, and flat out immune to staff and firemace, this make sure you need to switch your weapons accordingly to maximize clear speed. 3) Connected to point 2: Heretic have the bad habit of giving out massive amount of crossbow's ammo; this give the false impression that the crossbow should be the heretic's jack of all trade, which in turn encourage the player in using it on everything, which in turn slow down the gameplay every time a ghost is encountered. (this one is subjective, but at least it was like this to me when i started playing heretic some years ago)
  10. Somehow i managed to miss this thread. here's a link to the Blasphemer textures pack, it include 235 textures and 172 flats (plus the palette and whatnot). Those are obviously not mine, but are free to use to whoever needs them.
  11. For what is worth, i actually liked the zams's art and story concept: it felt coesive in both fields and somewhat original enough to stand on its own feets. (I also think that the story should be part of an artistic vision and such managed, or at least shared, by those who make the actual art, to mantain a level of coesion; but that is beyond the scope of this thread.) Regarding op's story proposal... imo it's close to be a good foundation: a former (maybe military) experiment fighting for it's freedoom is a good trope for a fps.
  12. Can confirm about the ipv6 issue, i wasn't able to access the new site until i disabled it.
  13. That was really good, i can't add much more than was already said except i wish i registered an fda for those two. About the gameplay changes: -The wand is really good, so good in fact that it rivals the claw, wasn't the fact that the ammo become really scarce for wand and plentiful for the other. Being able to stunlock almost every enemy is quite good in some close encounters. -Crossbow: being able to occasionally two shots knights felt excellent. Both the spread and the choice to not make the additional sidebolts big ones make it's ups and downs really clear, and i like it. The tomed version is really satisfying to use against crowds. -Could not really get a grip about the hellstaff, i got it really late and just used the old "spray and pray" against the hordes at the blue key, so i couldn't really tell the difference. -The sigil is a nice way to say "Hey, use me here!", but don't really add much imho. It maybe prevent tome abuse in certain parts of the map? can't really tell. -The waredragon still feel like a piece of paper, this may be due some weird rng i got, but it get really demolished by the new crossbow. On paper 300 health is a big number, so i may need some more time with the mod to assert what is going on there. Overall it was a refreshing experience, as the game felt a little more fast paced than usual. Those two maps were excellent and i will wait for new updates!
  14. Sorry for double posting, but the gitub archive is now fully functional and ready to be build. The link will redirect you to the "experimental" branch, where all the new stuff is. So, please have a look and tell me how's going.
  15. Thank you deutex wizards, i converted them to .bmp and now it work (albeit with a warning message about the quantization being slow). It was probably my image converter doing something finniky, so for the time being i'll keep them to .bmp until i find a compatible converter.