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  1. I do belive everything is still on the "experimental" branch, so try compiling that instead (or download it from here: , i do belive the links are up to date). The merge with the main branch will occurr once we get the missing player sprites (AKA once we reach the current milestone of DM ready). Regarding the .AU files: they where there in the original repository, i guess they were just placeholders, but i don't know how the compiling process was done back then.
  2. Most of the levels are limit removing, so you should play them with that in mind. But just to be sure, what kind of error did it give upon crashing?
  3. Apparently, last time i messed with it i was lazy and didn't updated the sprite completion list... Just as a reminde, the "wiki" is here: With that out of the way, the big things we are missing are: 1) a replacement for the chicken (both weapon and model) 2) touching up the vulcano's sprites\ sounds (need to look into it again to be sure) 3) 2 more maps to fill the firt two episodes 4) finding sprites for the maulotaurus and de'sparil Honestly i'm going by memory, and i need some time to dig in and compile a list of what is missing, since the big bulk of it are missing projectile sprites or puffs that are barely rememberable.
  4. On hold, like usual, someday it will resume. Personally i was trying do make another map, but i had to switch computer and then suffered an hard drive failure on the new pc, so my motivation collapsed a little bit lately.
  5. When i was a kid in the 90' we had a tv channel that almost escusively broadcasted japanese cartoons, so i guess it's a tie between saint seya, dragonball, pokemon and yattaman. After that i didn't bothered with anime until recently, where i went in a watching spree because of the new dragonball episodes.
  6. Well, i actually used it when adding new textures for Blasphemer, i just guessed it was the right thing to do to mantain everything clean... Didn't knew it could act weird in some circunstances.
  7. Congratulation on the release! i'll be playing the final product in the next few days. I'm honestly all aboard an hexen wad, if we are going to have a longer deadline, since collabiorations on maps can be tricky and i'm a slowpoke of a mapper
  8. I've been completely swallowed by the exams, ill do the fixes necessary for my map asap. Edit: here it is, enjoy your artifacts:
  9. @Agentbromsnor
  10. As someone who enjoy slaughterish setting, but isn't too deep in them to play something like slaugtherfest or swim with the wales (or even sunder, since i've only beaten 3 maps), i can say that they are interesting, often requiring a degree of mastery of the game that just isn't there for most doomers. People more capable than me already said what had to be said about it: not for everyone, often misunderstood.
  11. Very well then, i'll copy-paste the interesting bits: i tried to record a uv-max FDA, just to remember at the end that i didn't gave permissions to write to zdoom, so no fda. Died at the very beginning on my first attempt by jumping in the gasbag pit and accidentally blowing myself up; but after that i didn't even sweated it, the map is really easy, excedingly so by the excessive amount of health and armor (wich is pretty powerfull in heretic, giving 50% and 80% absorption each), i never EVER used a crystal flask (the portable medikit). This lead to my successive complaint: the artifact usage. No time bombs make cacowad sad. Generally the artifacts felt redundant, didn't needed the tomes nor the flasks nor the shadowsphere! cut out at least 2 silver shields, 20% to 40% of the vials and some ammo, then we are talking. the interconnectivity of the map is a beast, it was a pleasure to explore. Uv-max here: something i failed to notice earlier: ammo isn't too far off balance, it maybe gives a bit too much tolerance for error, but since you didn't provided any bombs it is fine imho.
  12. nice to know, i have near zero experience with irc channels and even less on who is affiliated with who Edit: aaaand i'm apparently blind because it was very well written on the op, oh well
  13. Unfortunately i will be out town in the period this tournament will be probably held, but i'll try to hang around dmstuff whenever i have a break from studying. training dummys never get outdated
  14. Eheh, i realize that the best strategy is to do what you did in your video, unfortunately that was basically my first attempt since i died so early on, so i couldn't have known that. I might return to it and see if i can legit uv-max it. This project is going to be really good from the look of it!
  15. @Impiegot a couple of demos for you: demo1: demo2: interesting map, good interpretation of an hub world, the green key area was my favourite. Now, i tried to take note during the demos as much as possible, but i have to make a couple of remarks: Yellow key area: Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus,Maulotaurus neat the way they can follow you to the hub if you just ignore them,unfortunately they just get stuck in there... personally i would allow more movement in the hub area at the cost of making a second access to the balcony above the tree key-locket doors, but that could potentially completely break the map, so it is up to you. (btw, holy moly thats a lot of cows, what is this, diablo?) Green key area: the wings are nice and allow to skip one entire area if used properly, i didn't but it was pretty cool nevertheless. Blue key area:i lost a bunch of time there, like a lot of time (you'll know what i mean if you watch the second demo), but it was the cooler looking area in the set (pardon the pun), just a bit empty, that is. Last area: I mean, the fight is really interesting, but i simply didn't had enough ammo to cut trought all that health (and i wasted my ring trying to clear out the buffalos)( see below in the weapon section). something unexpected happened (i died) and something even more unexpected happened (the boss died a couple of seconds later), so i cheated a little bit, but could not find an exit (i guess my death broke something? maybe a voodo dool?) Overall, nice to have 'secrets' if you reach an area with some other key in your inventory. Weapons and ammo: i found it pretty much balanced, i could even kill all the buffalos (even if i had some serious trouble reaching it, due to my usual playstyle). just one major gripe: the phoenix road, please, give it to me at least at the last fight witout it being a secret weapon... i realize that probably you can find it really early (probably even before the crossbow), but someone is gonna miss it and is going to be very sad looking at all that ammo he/she can't use. Artifacts: wasn't really incentivized to use bombs, since i mostly found them in areas where i didn't needed them (hello blue key area), but otherwise i always found an use for them, so this is a plus in my book. Bugs: you still have some flats on walls, it shouldn't be an issue since we are fundamentally aiming at zdoom (and those fancy voodo dools scripting would not work anyway in vanilla without some additional work in them). I don't know what happened at the end, probably is just the fact i died, but i need some rest from this journey.