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  1. Can confirm about the ipv6 issue, i wasn't able to access the new site until i disabled it.
  2. That was really good, i can't add much more than was already said except i wish i registered an fda for those two. About the gameplay changes: -The wand is really good, so good in fact that it rivals the claw, wasn't the fact that the ammo become really scarce for wand and plentiful for the other. Being able to stunlock almost every enemy is quite good in some close encounters. -Crossbow: being able to occasionally two shots knights felt excellent. Both the spread and the choice to not make the additional sidebolts big ones make it's ups and downs really clear, and i like it. The tomed version is really satisfying to use against crowds. -Could not really get a grip about the hellstaff, i got it really late and just used the old "spray and pray" against the hordes at the blue key, so i couldn't really tell the difference. -The sigil is a nice way to say "Hey, use me here!", but don't really add much imho. It maybe prevent tome abuse in certain parts of the map? can't really tell. -The waredragon still feel like a piece of paper, this may be due some weird rng i got, but it get really demolished by the new crossbow. On paper 300 health is a big number, so i may need some more time with the mod to assert what is going on there. Overall it was a refreshing experience, as the game felt a little more fast paced than usual. Those two maps were excellent and i will wait for new updates!
  3. Sorry for double posting, but the gitub archive is now fully functional and ready to be build. The link will redirect you to the "experimental" branch, where all the new stuff is. So, please have a look and tell me how's going.
  4. Thank you deutex wizards, i converted them to .bmp and now it work (albeit with a warning message about the quantization being slow). It was probably my image converter doing something finniky, so for the time being i'll keep them to .bmp until i find a compatible converter.
  5. This is a question for you deutex wizards out there. I'm currently trying to build an Heretic iwad from the Blasphemer repository, if you don't know what blasphemer is: it is basically the equivalent to FreeDoom, but for Heretic instead. Now, getting to the meat of the problem: i picked up deutex, downloaded the complimentary cwsdpmi.exe and run it in dosbox using the command: "deutex -make wadinfo.txt blasp.wad" as usual. Now, it manages to make sounds, graphics, sprites and wall patches, it starts making flats and then spit out this error message from the title: "Error: GIF: too short". Obviously this error is a bit too vague to understand what's going on, and looking at the github repository this seems related to an incorrect read: code:Arraythis is an extract of the deutex code, you can find the full one here. So my question is: someone know what is happening here?
  6. Uhh, i think i am on either the odamex or zandronum one?... i have no idea, i'm trying to connect to the quake net irc network, but i may take a little bit to reach you.
  7. @Voros: i'm mimicking the way Freedoom handle it's death match components, so yeah, i'm doing as you said, trowing the levels needed for it in the dm(episode #)(map #).wad format and creating a copy of the wadinfo.txt as blasphdm.txt. @Springy: welcome back and cheers for your incoming graduation! i didn't knew about the new IRC, but i didn't used a lot the old one either... I'm now logging into #blasphemer if you need me.
  8. You can't fool me! those are Heretic's textures that i see! It is an Heretic map or you was just trying textures out? @Byeblothingal 1024: The absolute madman has returned. Waiting to see more of it.
  9. @Da Werecat: Nice, since there should not be any problem, i committed them with the .lmp extension to the repository. Regarding the uppercased files... I lowercased then using a script, but unfortunately github does not recognise this change, since it isn't case sensitive. Gave a look around stack overflow and it appear that the only thing i can do is to remove everything that has to be changed from the repository and reupload it. This is obviously asinine, and i am really not willing to rename them one by one manually (we are talking about 1200+ files here). In the meantime i'll do some more research, and if nothing shows up i will do as said before. EDIT: It was ugly, but now everything is in order: there are no more uppercase stuff in the repository. This also mean that the experimental branch is officially fully ready and usable. Nevermind, the wadinfo file for deutex needs to be updated first. I'm currently working on it. To-DO list: -I need to see how Freedoom manage it's deathmatch mapset so i can prepare for the "Death match preparation" milestone and eventually the "Death match ready" milestone. -Update the wiki and the various credits files. EDIT2: Status report: -Bigprojectalone "jade talons" needs to be smaller, since they are more than 509 pixel tall, which is the maximum height deutex can handle. -I'll post an update once everything is ready to go.
  10. Just to clarify this, i just convert them using slade to .lmp files and then put them in (since Da werecat provided the actual .raw files)? Also could you please point me to the "extra unnecessary files" you found? despite the ugliness of having both files in lowercase and uppercase there should not be any duplicates whatsoever.
  11. All right, i'm back. Most of the stuff in the experimental build should be in the newly created branch under the name "experimental". Now, i have a question before i mess up everything: how does the palette work here? Or better expressed: i would like to include Da Werecat new palette, playpal, colormap and tinttab, since the old ones were broken, BUT i don't understand how it work inside the repository: does deutex generate some of them? why some are in .LMP form? should the palette be in the empty heretic.wad (as i see there is a palette duplicate in there)? What is that blasphemer_palette_v2.GPL file i see in the main folder? There is a lot of stuff laying around that i don't understand and would like to know or not touch them if possible.
  12. After seeing this kind of debate over and over, i'm starting to think that (G)zdoom should grow as an independent game engine which also happen to support doom. And my reasoning is the same as other have expressed: we already have plenty of ports that aim for pure and crude vanilla emulation (including weird tricks and "features", that while being situationally cool and all, aren't really worth messing around), so why just not let (G)zdoom be the experimental and weird engine it's always been?
  13. I'll cross that bridge when i come to it, i have already installed git on my computer and made a local copy of the repository... I need to learn how the branches works, convert everything that need to be converted in .gif and finally run the whole thing using deutex. Hopefully by the end of february i should have some spare time to do everything that is needed.
  14. @SFoZ911: subscribing to the DMP2017 thread right now, loving this.
  15. I suppose managing the behemoth that is the (g)zdoom source code is a bit different than managing a couple of submissions every month. Don't get me wrong, i know that on the long run a versioning system is far superior to what i'm doing currently, i just can't afford to invest my time in this upfront work at the moment: i will, but only once i get the opportunity to do so.