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  1. I'm actually screaming internally. I had actually lost any hopes to see this thing coming up, i loved Vordakk e Rem styles back in the day. About my map feeling unfinished: while it wasn't, it sure felt like that from the very beginning (the large fake building at the start) and the walls being a lot greyer than necessary. Unfortunately i am pretty much dormant as a mapper right now, but i might be able to do something if needed (no promises toh).
  2. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Welp, someday i'll check the forums consistently. Welcome back @Shino1, glad too hear you feel better. @omalefico32x: yes, the license is unchanged. It's absence on the github page is an heavy oversight on my part, i'm going to update the readme at least.
  3. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Sorry, i still could not, i was swamped with work and my pc blew up during vacations; so i could not do anything in the previous month. I'm still interested, but as you say it could be a bit of wasted effort for now. For Lol 6 & Breadbunbun: the last build i compiled can be found here , but it is quite old. I'll probably need to write a script to build it automatically, like freedoom. On he side not, at least i finally merged Bethofdeath pull request.
  4. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Oh, this got real really fast! that's awesome, i'll try to test it out in my old winxp laptop using heretic+ and report back. I'll need to create some sort of "attic" to house the old sprites before i merge the request, i am going to do it once i get a bit of free time. In the mean time, thank you sincerely!
  5. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to do so, and using the experimental branch nevertheless! I'm a bit rusty, but i'll try do do what i can: i'll try the new wadinfo once i get my old setup back up and running (wich could take a while) and try to fix the staff. That's... jokewad material xD Anyway! i finally managed to merge the experiemental branch into the main branch: it is under Pull Request 21 and it is Blaphemer 1.15. https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer Unfortunately for me, i still have not got around adding HettinGrinder maps or a couple of discord submissions, but i'll try to be a little more active and put everything on the Experimental branch for all to see.
  6. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Currently, it is in the experimental branch. i do not follow anymore freedoom's development since the "czars", so i would not know what happened. The spritework is excellets and really fit Blasphemer, but if for whatever reason wereknight want to pull them off, i will oblige (but i sure hope he does not).
  7. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    That's quite generous, thank you! I'll get some free time starting next week, so hopefully i'll get a good look then.
  8. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Well, i'm here. I still log in semi regurarly and while i'm not active on the discord server, i always make sure to log in once in a while. I do plan to merge in the "experimental" branch soon, i'd hoped to merge it once we had enough submissions to reach DM ready or even SP-demo, but alas it never happened. I do have some maps "in progress", but it's been a while since i've mapped consistently.
  9. Cacowad

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    In my experience, there is always someone kind enough to explain things around here... Browsing through your post history i could not find anything of the sort, am i missing something? btw, just to remain in topic, here's a couple of layouts i'm working on.
  10. My reaction, after reading this: C'mon, even ignorance have it's limit. Even if you don't recognize or are insensible to art as a form of expression, it is a business and a big one to boot; and that, simply put, mean someone care, a lot. And belittling those who care isn't the way to go.
  11. Cacowad

    What was your first doom game?

    Heretic shareware,when i was like 5\6 years old, so around '98 or something?.. The iron lich and those screaming skulls gave me a peculiar nightmare that i still remember today. The first proper doom game i played was the ultimate doom, around 10 years ago.
  12. isolation_speedmap_cacowad_v2.zip It is done. Cleaned up what it needed to be cleaned up and "implemented" difficulty settings. Last version balance is the current UV, lower difficulties have lower monster count.
  13. Oh, are you going to stream all of them? If so, would you mind dropping a link in the thread when you do? If i'm able i would love to see it.
  14. Name: Tidal wave No difficulty settings and no new music, just put in what'ever fit your tastes. isolation_speedmap_cacowad .zip