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  1. Cacowad

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Generally i find stealth monsters to be unfun from a player perspective, so personally i never ever think about using them. Returning to topic: excluding bosses i suppose barons and aracnotrons are the most underused.
  2. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Repository to build from: https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/tree/experimental Prebuilded Iwad (may be slighly outdated, i can't remember): https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/wiki/Experimental-build(s)
  3. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    I was wondering what was up with that. Allright, will do.
  4. Cacowad

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    yes, there are some, but we are in hiding.
  6. Cacowad

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    After what seems to be forever, i'm starting to map again for my Anima: beyond fantasy campaign. Here's an heavy WIP.
  7. Cacowad

    Abandoned Community Projects

    Darn, i remember this one. By the time i joined that i had just started the whole mapping thing. I clearly remember my part being a mess.
  8. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Yep, once we get those we'll have 2 complete episodes worth of material, and a couple of maps would be needed to be modified to include a secret exit for ot to work properly.
  9. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    I'll be sure to give them a proper look once this busy period has ended. Thank you for your contribution.
  10. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    I do belive everything is still on the "experimental" branch, so try compiling that instead (or download it from here: https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/wiki/Experimental-build(s) , i do belive the links are up to date). The merge with the main branch will occurr once we get the missing player sprites (AKA once we reach the current milestone of DM ready). Regarding the .AU files: they where there in the original repository, i guess they were just placeholders, but i don't know how the compiling process was done back then.
  11. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Most of the levels are limit removing, so you should play them with that in mind. But just to be sure, what kind of error did it give upon crashing?
  12. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    Apparently, last time i messed with it i was lazy and didn't updated the sprite completion list... Just as a reminde, the "wiki" is here: https://github.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/wiki With that out of the way, the big things we are missing are: 1) a replacement for the chicken (both weapon and model) 2) touching up the vulcano's sprites\ sounds (need to look into it again to be sure) 3) 2 more maps to fill the firt two episodes 4) finding sprites for the maulotaurus and de'sparil Honestly i'm going by memory, and i need some time to dig in and compile a list of what is missing, since the big bulk of it are missing projectile sprites or puffs that are barely rememberable.
  13. Cacowad

    Blasphemer discussion

    On hold, like usual, someday it will resume. Personally i was trying do make another map, but i had to switch computer and then suffered an hard drive failure on the new pc, so my motivation collapsed a little bit lately.
  14. Cacowad

    What was your first anime?

    When i was a kid in the 90' we had a tv channel that almost escusively broadcasted japanese cartoons, so i guess it's a tie between saint seya, dragonball, pokemon and yattaman. After that i didn't bothered with anime until recently, where i went in a watching spree because of the new dragonball episodes.
  15. Cacowad

    TEXTURE2 lump: does anyone ever use it?

    Well, i actually used it when adding new textures for Blasphemer, i just guessed it was the right thing to do to mantain everything clean... Didn't knew it could act weird in some circunstances.