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  1. I died on MAP02 because I'm bad at Doom, but wow, these levels look really snappy.
  2. Speaking as a not-very-good player who played on HMP: I think the map makes very good use of platforms and windows to keep the player under attack from all angles. However, given this fact together with the abundance of traps, I think the map really needs more health on lower difficulty levels.
  3. I believe that would be "stainmapping". This sounds fun, I'll probably take a crack at it.
  4. Yep, I'm a grad student in the math department here. Edit: Also, your FDA was fun to watch, although
  5. "A Bridge Too Far" is a short Hell-themed level I made over the past few months. I'm hoping for it to eventually be the first level in a mini-episode, but for now this is the only level I've completed. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. The level occupies the MAP01 slot, and requires the CC4 texture pack: It is Boom-compatible and makes heavy use of Boom features. Obligatory screenshots (linked for size): Download link: Thoughts? Edit: Fixed some bugs & reuploaded.
  6. Yeah, E3M4 would be pretty terrible if the floors were actually damaging -- which is why I think there's not much to do except say "sometimes lava hurts and sometimes it doesn't deal with it".
  7. These levels are seriously badass! One thing I did notice: in E3M3, one of your DOORTRAKs is missing its lower-unpegged. Not sure which one, it'd probably be easiest to just search for all of them and lower-unpeg them all at the same time, since I don't think you're using it unconventionally in that level. It's also a little annoying how there's no consistency between levels for which fluids do damage (lava does 2-5 damage in E3M1, then 5-10 in E3M2, then no damage in E3M4). Not sure what you can do about that.
  8. I mean, I fixed it in my post, not in the post I quoted. I'll go back and fix THAT link too to avoid confusion.
  9. Fixed it, thanks for the heads up.
  10. Admittedly, this took me closer to 40 minutes, all told. Also it's not very good. Requires Boom. Edit: link fixed
  11. that's quite a pick-up line
  12. A little source diving in m_random.h suggests that it uses SFMT, the SIMD Oriented Fast Mersenne Twister:
  13. For illustration, see
  14. To elaborate on what Gez said, even to have it spawn where the monster falls, you can give the monster a ThingID (say 100) and then attach ThingSpawn to it with a MapSpot Tag equal to the monster's ThingID (in this case 100 again). Admittedly the delay looks a lot better, because with this method the key teleports in (fog and all) before the monster has even hit the ground.
  15. That first shot in particular looks sweet