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  1. spforce

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    hello , i played this and it was fun and really long and hard on ultra violence skill with no any pistol starts meaning without to die just load save on each death some of the final maps had few problems of balance , i know its beta and as i played it i would like to point to say some problems it have for helping to fix and improve it (maps i mention are the maps themselfs on the slots): map 23 as a hard map to map 24 after needs better conncetion map 24 was feels it had to bit less ammo and even little less medkits at least small ones and minor thing in map 23: is the room with the lava and the two white teleporters no any problem with it and works it just seems not clean and weird the cutoff texture of the white teleporter. map 26: this map had problems too the spot with the many archviles near the end of it lacked ammo make it close to impossible the map needs more ammo and some balance touchs of ammo and medkits. map 27 : really challenging and liked it but seems to me its not possible to do this map on pistol start only so it needs items touchs of weapons and ammo and few more medkits. map 28: its possbile to skip the map end of blue skull key without to get it by using jumping in sourceports so or to block it some way or just to do in mapinfo the no jump flag map 29: this map really isnt bad but its seems it might be impossible to do it with a pistol start to me beucase it have so many monsters and with a pistol start the weapons and ammo just wont be enough , and a VERY serious problem on this map is in the room where its the red skull key blocked by the blue skull key till you get it in the room down to it with the moving crashing walls once you get out of this room after first time the walls will stop to move meaning they will block it so its impossible to go through it , i went to here before getting the blue skull so i could get the red skull key from the teleporter of the moving crashing walls room so this is buged as it breaks the game if you would go to this room before getting the blue skull key you wont be able to get in again once you get the blue skull so you can get the red skull the teleporter takes you too , sadly i was forced to use noclip cheat buecase it was impossible to go thorugh it again , fixing should be to just KEEP THE WALLS MOVING to fix this. map 30: seems some balance needed if you would start this with pistol only , as the room with the spidermastermind and the arachnotrons and few cyberdemons would not be possible with pistol start only on map so this needs some placements touchs too. i know its beta unfinished still great maps , there might be some more few placement tweaks needed for more maps maybe for making it possible with pistol start only on all the maps. maybe on ultra violence it needs touchs beucase the spawnfilter is harder with more monsters. and for me it was fun to play this it just needs some tweaks and balance and few fixes
  2. spforce

    Ultimate Doom to Doom II?

    i did this thing already on gzdoom it was easy i maded a edit of the ultimate doom wad with all doom 2 additions i extracted all the sprites sounds and the gfx of the super shotgun the only new weapon in doom 2 that isnt in ultimate doom puted that to the edited ultimate doom wad and it works!! all the stuff that was added in doom 2 have been add to ultimate doom you can summon all the monsters the supershotgun too, but for the supershotgun picked up text to show up you need to load the edited wad as iwad and not as pwad over the original unedited ultimate doom wad as iwad, in fact if you would try to summon doom 2 monsters on unedited ultimate doom without adding their sprites and sounds provided they will be summoned but you wont see or hear them since the resources missing but you will get attacked by them and they can kill you just wont see or hear them.
  3. i can i add more monsters to the wad? i want to add the hellknight which is missing and custom maded monsters what tools you need and how you do this?