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  1. JadeWK

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    There are a lot of maps that look great but play awful, and quite honestly you're just wasting effort if you are only concerned about looks, because over 90% of the people who play Doom play it to have fun playing, not looking at, maps for it. However, your CC4 map didn't fall into that aforementioned category, at least not for me. That said, if you feel you could do some edits to it and improve things, then by all means do so! One thing though, I really don't get how it is an "older" map. CC4 was started in 2007 and prior to that, you made three contributions to CC3, released enough quality work to get mapper of the year in 2006, no less, and won a cacoward and a runner up in 2005! Was this map something you had started a real long time ago (like in 2004), and just never made public until CC4?
  2. JadeWK

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    I have not played every map or even in a specific order, and most of the maps I played in 2011 so there could have been changes since, but here's what I recall from what I have played (keeping brief, like Memfis): 01: Good short starting map with plenty of action. 02: Excellent gray/tech style. Not very big but very sweet. 03: Mixed feelings here on the progression where you need not explore all areas. Darkness doesn't bother me (referring to later parts). 04: Don't remember it really that much, so middle quality I guess. 05: I think this was a bit more deserted, the version I tested. But I know I rather liked it. Interesting progression. 06: Thoroughly enjoyed this level. Can't remember if I got SSG or not, but I know I made it through okay. 07: I had played part of this level, yet never finished it. I seem to recall some balance issues, but Phobus liked it as is. 08: I think I ran a bit low on ammo and my feelings were mixed overall; thought the progression needed some work. 09: Once I found the SSG, I loved this level! GJ for sure. And it only took me a few tries to find (the SSG). 10: Very brutal, but very good. Usual DD high standard. Beautiful design and architecture, just know UV is experts only! 14: It was buggy in spots and the RL gameplay took me a little getting used to, but then I liked it. Suggestion: make 13 a death exit so there is no evading the (obviously intended) RL gameplay. 18: Had the Cyber/bridge problem Memfis talked about. Otherwise, it was very well done and kept my interest in spite of the size. Nice work. :) 23: I thought it was okay (and just okay) when I played it but seem to recall it being a version with even more basic architecture, less monsters, and maybe a bit smaller as well. 29: Once I had a weapon, awesome. The ideal penultimate level. Very challenging indeed, but it should be! (BTW CC3 Map29 had to use more than double the monster count to accomplish the same thing.)