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  1. I'd make a map for that, sounds perfect for me :)
  2. Apparently mouldy last visited DW earlier this month. He's gone quiet for sure, but he's still about.
  3. IMO, the board is perfect as it is, no need to update it :)
  4. Well the point of Hell is that it's a place of eternal torture and shittiness reserved for those who have sinned, a religious moral that I try and live by in its more modern and eloquent sounding form, "don't be a dick." If Hell were believed to be pleasant, it would never have worked :P Though of course, different depictions of Hell in Doom are often interesting and welcomed, though personally I think maybe seeing more heaven-like maps would be cool. I had an idea for UDINO's Limbo (back when I was still involved with that) that would be a Wormhole-like thing between heaven and hell, maybe would have worked well... -- Oh, how could I forget, there's also cannonball's MAP21 from D2INO, which was based on this definition. It used Eruyt Village from FF12 as music.
  5. Hi, willing to help in some way to get this done if needs be, this project celebrated a birthday ^_^
  6. lol now you're just taking the piss Dragonfly :p
  7. Nice weather in the UK means it must be spring!IMG_2711.JPG?width=505&height=677




    1. franckFRAG


      Wow I want a FWATER of this!

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Funny you should mention FWATER because I did take more water close-ups :P




    3. leodoom85


      FWATER and SPRSKY1 

    4. bzzrak


      Did you make these photos? They are awesome!

    5. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Yep. That's my infamous shadow in the bottom of the panoramas

    6. Devalaous


      Eris is a conehead!?

    7. Eris Falling
  8. I feel inspired to make GIFs of my own mapping efforts after seeing Dragonfly's work
  9. ^ Anima Zero: This post still holds , though he now takes parts in the ironman challenges over here every month. joe-ilya is still around in the multiplayer community, as for BaronOfStuff... well.
  10. Other: 102, because the interval is similar and the digits are still all different. Alternatively: It switches and comes back down the line but the last two digits are reversed, so 098 (followed by 087, 076, 065...)
  11. Come on, cryosabre isn't exactly a common generic handle.
  12. Does the health reading change or does it stay like that regardless of how much health you actually have?
  13. Just for laughs, here's a crowded survival server on the UAC Ultra credits map - the last time it was played in ZDaemon TNS. Didn't you guys know? There's a lot more to it than just that small room!