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  1. heh, I don't remember ever seeing a thread, probably because it indeed never happened and would have been immediately buried!
  2. Into the Void went Into the Void and was never heard from again :P
  3. Thu Dec 7 21:32:32 EST 2017 Rejected because: contains unmodified id Software resource (ag128_1)
  4. Not picking faults with the reasoning, but individual episodes of BTSX won in 2012 and 2014 respectively, and Return to Hadron almost did it this year with a runner-up following a win for the first episode in 2015. They are single projects even if they're split into multiple WADs, so what makes them different? Just strikes me as a bit odd.
  5. On balance, that's somewhat less of a hindrance than mapping a discussion about 20th century industrialism in Sheffield, not using one-sided linedefs, and actually needing to have friends :P
  6. Yeah the "I'm Still Bored" thing is surprisingly normal this year and seems like it would be actually achieveable, heh.
  7. +1 Tangerine Nightmare +1 Maxim Skull
  8. It is interesting that Graf should be getting his knickers in a twist over Lilith receiving one of the 'wards. It does something special that hasn't been seen before in Doom and that really separates it from most WADs and their square rooms with 150 Hell Knights. Congratulations to all the winners. Great to see dobu win MOTY too.
  9. lmao. Ok why not. Fabulous Rainbow Void In Space, map slot... uh... 25 please!
  10. OP maintenance improves with each month :') Guess he's busy with finalising cacoward stuff, so an update leaderboard probably isn't far off.
  11. Shores of ZDoom Threshold of Pain II, if that counts. I think it's not dead
  12. Five Nights at Freddy's 6 came out this week (WAIT, hear me out on this one!) and I was surprised to discover that it had some pretty awesome music, particularly one accompanying the Midnight Motorist minigame.

    I liked it so much, I made a MIDI transcription of it :P


    Original song for reference

  13. @Steve D Wow, you don't look 59!!
  14. On a related note, for people making their Cacoward predictions, don't forget about No End in Sight, which was too late for last years awards. Looking at you, Doom France! ;)