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  1. 28 was the most common age back in 2013 too. Therefore it is obvious that Doomers do not age.
  2. Also nearly finished, though Dragonfly is somewhat kicking my arse :P
  3. Don't know Don't know Christmas Don't know Don't know 19 uh Power metal yeah, EDM but there's a lot of other shit genres out there, not excluding a fair few metal ones Left Nothing serious Music Am I enjoying life? Doubt it nty
  4. *brushes off dust* Hi! I finally have a finished attempt at MAP29's theme. As it's a relatively long map I figured this was my chance to do one of my long-ass adventures for a MIDI pack. Structurally it's a bit drawn out IMO, so it's probably one of those that plods along in the background, but nevertheless I took it in a few different directions. Not as wacky as Mystified or Cave Dwellers, but far enough from of my usual work that I have no idea what to expect feedback wise. oh god D: Thanatos (07:07) Enjoy, hopefully! That's all the slots I claimed dealt with, so I'll be turning my attention to some other projects for now, but as progress here is quite slow I'm more than willing to do more on this.
  5. "It's in C-Minor too?" by Ribbiks. 20X7 MAP09. Wow.
  6. As we did for Stardate 20X6 nearly three years ago (fuck ;-;), I request that players turn purple for tonight! :)
  7. I just opened them in FL Studio and exported to MP3 - this won't work properly if the midi file has different pitch bend ranges anywhere, FL will ignore the events that define the modified range and use the default of ±2 semitones, which has the potential to sound pretty damn awful if pitch bends are used heavily. It is possible to set the pitch range in FL Studio and redraw the bends themselves, but that's a bit of a faff, perhaps there's a simpler way of just applying a multiplier or something that does the entire track, FL's not my main program so I'm not hugely familiar with it. Alternatively use audacity and set the recording device to stereo mix if possible, hit record and play the MIDI back and do whatever editing is needed afterwards.
  8. Stars is cool but IMO stewboy has done better tracks, such as Day of Mourning from Resurgence, Sewers.mid, Imaginarium from Ancient Aliens to name a few, those are all fantastic. And more generally, here's some others that spring to mind: esselfortium - Zenith (ok this is cheating because unreleased wad but it's still an awesome track) Jimmy - Cloud Soup (Doomworld Roulette 2 MAP07) Jimmy - Petrichor Alfonzo - Gutter Penny (Threnody MAP10, Realm of Parthoris E1M3) Alfonzo - Oracle Night (Realm of Parthoris E2M1) Knightrider of Doom - Dragon's Revenge (Shai'tan's Luck MAP28) Knightrider of Doom - Fight to the End (sf2012 MAP34) Knightrider of Doom - Legend of the Black Sun (Newgothic MAP11, Newgothic 2 MAP16(?), Chillax MAP39)* Thyrbse - Last Wish (hr2 MAP24) * Seriously, this one's insane, and just shy of 50 minutes long. And yeah, I also can't name all of them, so there's a shed-load of other favourites I haven't listed. Oh and given how this particular question was worded... My own :P
  9. Nighttime oasis or something
  10. My theme tune.

    As of now, nearly all my work towards my music course is finished! With little left still to do, maybe now I can get back to actually writing music again, heh.

    1. Fonze


      Sweet; congrats Eris! Finish it out strong and really flex those musical muscles with a monotone heavy metal riff ;D

    2. Piper Maru

      I say Eris should compose the musical score for the next Doom game.

    3. Pavera



    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      @Piper Maru Cool as that would be, I didn't quite escape the whole "this gay music doesn't fit Doom!!" thing that BTSX and stuff was getting a couple of years ago, so maybe that wouldn't go too well :o

    5. Piper Maru

      Just add The Taco Bell elevator music from Doom II and you'll be fine. 

    6. Pavera


      I'm pretty sure I heard the BTSX E1M1 music once described as "that stupid sounding mexican song".

    7. esselfortium


      @Pavera stop quoting me

  12. My first session was #134, it's still weird to think that I've been playing TNS for over half of its lifetime so far. Here's to the next 300 sessions!
  13. Awesome!


    1. Pavera


      Awesome! Nothing like blazing slow, low-speed internet. It really changes the way you do business.

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      What better way to do business than to not do it at all?

    3. Glaice


      I don't think hiding SSID is necessary unless any users here live super close to you. But again yea, super slow internet is no fun.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Sorry in advance, but I simply couldn't help myself... ;-)




      Here's hoping it's not going to get too annoying. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

    5. Bashe


      TRUE 666 djent bleper internet...only the most ELITE can handle its majesty...

    6. antares031
    7. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Good news, it's improved slightly!


    8. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Yeah... That... That's a "vast" improvement, I'd say...

    9. PanterD2S


      Welcome to the Club - I whished I had 0.4 Mbps upload, Maximum is 80 kBps right now  and the file is nearly 300MB..   *sigh

    10. Devalaous


      How I feel when my PS4 throws endless connection errors during Warframe "HOW did my fiber get slower than dialup!?"

  14. Laptop shat the bed again, had issues in the last month that I suspected to be motherboard related, today I've had bsod+restart on a loop - hard drive is now also screwed!


    fortunately I saw this coming and got stuff backed up just hours before it packed up completely - nothing important lost! 

    Glad it's easier to post here on mobile too nowadays..

    1. Kapanyo


      Oh crap, sorry that had to happen to you.

      I love it when a sensible backing-up pays off~

    2. Fonze


      That really sucks Eris, but I'm glad to hear you anticipated things somewhat and got your important stuff backed up in time :)

    3. rhinoduck

      Quack :( Though so... called it one disconnect too early though.


      17:11:43 <- ErisFalling has quit IRC [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
      17:17:23 <rhinoduck> rip, eris
      17:17:59 -> ErisFalling has joined #ducks
      18:21:07 <- ErisFalling has quit IRC [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]

  15. Nah it's ok, I always use that HUD. You don't really gain a significant advantage from it, though it's nice to know how many monsters are left.