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  1. Eris Falling

    Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

    2018 2.5 maps (ASS34 MAP06, Mayhem Orange MAP07, Eviternity MAP29 w/ Dragonfly) 7 MIDIs, 1 OGG (4x Panophobia, 1x Perdition's Gate Resurgence, 1x whatever Oxyde's project is, 1x Phoenix Speedmusic, 1x Eviternity (OGG)) Meh. I'm not going to say the same thing for next year because life has changed and all that. There's an Elementalism map which I'll be writing music for very soon, hopefully I'll be able to do some more for that project, but sadly I think the peak of my activity in the community passed with last year. I'll never leave, but given how little I post here lately and with today being so important in Doom's history, it seems a good time to say that I'm truly grateful for everything this game and its community has done for me since I joined, thank you <3
  2. Eris Falling

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Hooray for the release! OTEX is honestly the best texture pack I've worked with, and the level of organisation Josh coordinated this project with isn't something I can say I've seen in Doom before. My work here isn't as substantial as I hoped it would be when I joined the team back in June or whenever it was, but seeing MAP29 become a finished map was awesome, as was tuning in to the frequent mapping streams for this project, and writing the music for MAP30 was quite an experience, it's fun to write outside of MIDI, though in this case I'm not sure my poor PC would agree... D: Cheers!
  3. Eris Falling

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

  4. Eris Falling

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Dragonfly + Eris + OTEX = I'm still quite in awe at what he did with my unfinished map. It still feels like my map but I think it's much beyond what I could ever do. Due to IRL, I have to put mapping to one side indefinitely, but if this is my last map - I'm so glad it's this one!
  5. ^ Good stuff, thanks, but I feel this is substantial enough that it should be on its own article.
  6. Eris Falling

    Calling out Egregor

    RoP 2016 when?
  7. Eris Falling

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

  8. Eris Falling

    What are you playing now?

    I remember this in TNS, certainly some vivid locations. ArmouredBlood's music selection on point as always; MAP28's music is one of my favourite MIDIs <3
  9. Eris Falling

    Who came up with the idea for Daisy

    "No Alter, you are the Alter," the Alter said. And then Alter was an Alter.
  10. Eris Falling

    Epic gamer profile picture

    closet 6 year old
  11. Eris Falling

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    Sorry, but what if some of us just genuinely don't find archviles fun to fight most of the time? I see this kind of assumption a lot whether the topic is archviles or slaughtermaps and frankly I'm tired of it. I'm not the best player by any stretch of the imagination but I can handle archviles within reason, and don't you dare tell me I don't like originality. Sunlust MAP29 was fucking genius. MAP17 was also smart but I didn't enjoy it in the slightest, I do respect it for what it does. Most of the time when an archvile shows up, I find I'm not enjoying the game as much as I was before, it's nothing to do with skill, and if you like them then good for you, but please, enough narrow-mindedness.
  12. Eris Falling

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    people who hate on other people's preferences
  13. Eris Falling

    2018 Goals

    Abandoned, RIP. Yep! 17 MIDIs total, including another piece I was asked for a few months later. Panophobia was a very interesting project to work on, looking forward to seeing it released one day. Now working on Eviternity, with hopefully Elementalism to follow. One more 2016 piece to go, so more or less achieved, though it could still be a while until I'm back in sync. Virtually zero progress, on hold indefinitely. :)