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  1. eh, whenever I've heard module music it just sounds like MIDI but with some additional features - that's not really what I'm going for here.
  2. Sometimes WAD authors get jumped on from great heights for including MP3/OGG music in their WADs. Usually this happens when the audio files take up a pretty large portion of the total filesize, as the WAD would be like 50kb without it, so these sentiments are understandable. In larger WADs, people tend not to give it a second thought, so I'm wondering at what point does it become acceptable? Where to draw the line? What about, for example, a 25MB WAD, 11MB of which is music?
  3. Lost souls could probably go as themselves, let's be honest :P
  4. The Halloween resource is more or less the same every year - it's the bonus map that's special ;) I made this for the 2015 session, heh
  5. As a desktop user on wifi, I have to object to that.
  6. Sorry, I made another MIDI. I've not been doing much MIDI work lately or composition in general, and whilst struggling with other projects I've been worrying about getting rusty. So I wanted to see if I could quickly whip something up, and I liked the gloomy darkness of MAP19, so here: Shadows (02:47)
  7. MAP09 hero'ing happened o/
  8. Oh man look at that 3rd rota damage report. Doubt we'll ever see that again. So, how long did Popcorn MAP01 take? :P
  9. I don't believe you :D
  10. So, who remembers the beta of TNT: Revilution? If so, perhaps you'll also remember the ice-themed MAP32 and it's 7-minute MIDI, neither of which made it to the final release. Here is that MIDI, in its recorded form! :)


  11. Why?
  12. TNS pic :D
  13. Indeed, id had previously demonstrated that they weren't afraid to keep crappy remakes out of commercial releases, with Tom Mustaine's ill-fated MAP14 ripoff for the Master Levels. When I first saw this shot, I thought it was MAP14, with different textures. Now that's stealing! Fortunately he went on to make Paradox, which was just a better map on all fronts. As for Plutonia, I have to say 11's snooze-fest. Nothing else is jumping out at me as being particularly bad right now, actually.
  14. @Nine Inch Heels haha, almost, but I had to call it quits with Go 4 It. I think I could get one of the keys but that thing is crazy. I guess nowadays I'm just not willing to put in the time to practice Doom. As a result I suck, slaughtermaps are too hard to be any fun for me. I cleared out most of the last fight of Oscillation MAP09 on the TNS session yesterday, granted this was with a setting that would change monster damage periodically, so I had a lot of help from 0% mode, but I was shitting myself when it switched to 200%. When I crossed that exit line..yeah that was nice. I'll always prefer the less bonkers, atmosphere-driven stuff, and I'd never put a slaughtermap in one of my own WADs if I ever finished those damn things, but the more I think about this topic (which I have a lot recently as there's been a lot of discussion on it), the less cold I feel to the slaughter genre, I guess.
  15. Fair. It's not a term I've seen used often so it came across as kind of an objective statement to me. To be honest, I get that feeling with a lot of pro-slaughter posts..then again I imagine that is how the other side of the argument comes across, and I've probably done it too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Something that's surprised a few people when they found out, I did a UV max of Plutonia MAP32 a few years ago. It's on DSDA, right down near the bottom of the section :D Very rewarding when I finally managed it, I have to admit.