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  1. Oi, like a year ago I complained about how the Earth warps in the E3 sky when you look away from it and how it was unrealistically large given that it's supposed to be from the moon's perspective, and you were like Deal With It™ :V
  2. I'd also add that writing something that long is quite difficult :D I'm not aware of anything of a similar scale except Jimmy's 43-minute MIDI, but that's a suite and not a single composition like LotBS. I'm trying to think what the longest track specifically written for a Doom map is and I'm only coming up with Petrichor from BTSX, it's only a measly nine minutes long too, pfft!! KoD's Dragon's Revenge was used on Shai'tan's Luck MAP28, and I'm not aware of it anywhere else, and at 6 minutes long it's actually one of his shorter offerings since - LotBS aside - he usually managed around 7-10 minutes on his MIDIs. It's more the style than the scale of it that appeals to me, very heavy on symphonic elements and blisteringly fast-paced appropriate for the most chaotic of fights, so I'm surprised actually I've only heard it on that one map.
  3. It's "Legend of the Black Sun" by Knightrider of Doom, and it was also on NG1 MAP11. It is truly a phenomenal piece of work. Some of his other works (with the KoD prefix) have appeared in other WADs - ArmouredBlood is certainly a fan. Side note, his track "Dragon's Revenge" is one of my favourite MIDIs ever and I'd love to see more stuff like this in Doom WADs, though stuff of this nature is limited in the sort of map it can fit with, sadly.
  4. I need to look at this thread more often. That's stunning!
  5. It may simply be because they're probably designed to work with 'normal' midi files of a couple of dozen kb or so, not nearly 1MB :D
  6. Threshold of Pain 2
  7. "I'll try"
  8. 2
  9. ooh calamari ^_^
  10. What is the song seen in your cover photo?

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Nothing special, it's just the "GJ ERIS!" jingle from TNS

  11. So on impulse, I cycled 26 miles today. Here's a couple of panoramas:



    1. Job


      26 miles is a good jaunt. What bike do you ride? Also, where is this from? The scenery looks great.

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      It's some generic mountain bike, not sure of anything more specific, heh. This is Portreath, south UK - we've had unusually great weather this week!

    3. MysteriousHaruko


      Damn, this makes me want travel to UK and see that nature in my own eyes. So beautiful. 

    4. GarrettChan


      Man, this is so beautiful. I like cycling but my skill suck... I had my driver license first at my age of 20. Then I knew how to ride a bicycle next yeah ;P

    5. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      heh this was only like the third time I've been out this year, very out of shape. I was basically a zombie for the last 3-4 miles :P

    6. 40oz


      I recently discovered a bike trail near my home that goes directly towards my workplace. It only takes me 5 minutes longer to get their by bicycle than by driving so sometimes I ride there. The uphill climb on the way back kicks my ass though.

    7. Devalaous


      Eris makes a zombie of himself to feel closer to his beloved game

  12. :)
  13. There have been some pretty awesome remakes of E1M8, but judging it on the original MIDI version alone it's definitely not my favourite. Difficult to pick one really, maybe The Demons from Adrian's Pen (E2M2). As for Doom II, a tossup between DOOM (MAP05/13), Into Sandy's City (MAP09), and Message for the Archvile (MAP20/26). edit: argh, yeah E2M7's a good one too.
  14. jimmy: keyboard me: bass timeofdeath: guitar + drums (at the same time obv) alfonzo: egg
  15. I'm convinced the splash radius conveniently expands, particularly when already low on health.