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  1. Post a picture of yourself!

    LOL. I think your edit of me is just a bit too well-made compared to the reverse :P
  2. Post a picture of yourself!

  3. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Hmm I recall MAP19 being pretty easy, but I played AA on a lower difficulty and it was only MAP21 that made me feel like that, the title of Cyberbullying definitely suited that map, unfortunately the Cyber bullies the player and not the other way around :P I also didn't like MAP23 the first time I played it but I can't remember why so it deserves another shot at some point.
  4. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    I think it would be possible to have a mix of futuristic stuff like that picture and the conventional Earth like it appears today, remnants of something familiar in the environments would make it feel more like Earth as opposed to something merely Earth-like. There's places near where I live where you can just tell that they've barely changed in the last 100 years, it's pretty neat and imo that blend of old and new might be interesting to explore. Portal 2 did something similar, and did it very well.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    heh, if you guys find MAP12 annoying, I can't wait for the MAP22 reviews :P
  6. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    Why have interesting and varied environments like on Earth when you could walk around inside falling apart bases on Mars for the third game in a row?
  7. Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    @Altazimuth: One day we'll be able to show our age by looking back on a time when compare the market adverts weren't the meerkats :P On a related note, you're only a true brit if you can finish this phone number: 0800 00 ....
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Well it does save having to come up with two names, heh. Thanks!
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Does it have a name?
  10. Was e4m3 actually Shawn Green's first map?

    E4M8's spiderdemon does have a pretty underwhelming location when you compare it to the other episodes - I remember being surprised when I learnt there was one there on the PC version. Instead of huge grandiose setups, it's just like "hi i'm behind this pillar," so I could believe the theory it was just thrown in to an older map.
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    iirc, time wasn't an issue, I was even going to try and make a second map, but maybe I ran out of map area, because I think it was pretty borderline as it was since I'm not very efficient with my use of space. There was supposed to be more map inside the pyramid, with some passages or something leading off of that water shrine, but tbh it's also very likely that I also ran out of ideas at that point, so I just stuck the exit on and called it a day ^_^
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Something else I observed in that one Mario game was that you could have an entire stage with one theme, but then the last screen would just be a normal forest. Doom textures in secrets are fair as Easter eggs imo. Black cave ceilings because all the flats looked like shit when spread over such a large surface. I'm glad I finished something that wasn't total shit because that's a first but meh, I want to make something with more substance. Maybe this year. oh and archviles, not sure what I was thinking there, I think any future map by me will contain no more than 0 of them :)))))
  13. Maskim Xul - Fhtagn!

    Cool, congrats on getting this done and dusted :) Thanks for the music request, it was a nice experience writing not-MIDI music for a change.
  14. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    That end result was just as I hoped, nice stuff haha :D