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  1. Good old Blackmore, Smoke on the Water is certainly iconic, and GRB has already posted some of his work with Rainbow, but there's one missing...
  2. That's it folks, we can all go home now!
  3. The sun is 400 times the size of the moon and is 400 times further away, so they actually appear pretty much the exact same size. This is literally why total solar eclipses look the way they do :) Worth also adding that the moon is receding from the Earth, so one day total eclipses will cease to be a thing.
  4. Peaking here in the UK right now! Partly cloudy sky, 4% totality, looks exactly like a normal evening out there, hell yeah!
  5. My firefox is fine, though my net is slow and only one of those gifs has finished loading in the 10 minutes since I opened this page :P Looks fantastic though!
  6. @Grazza Sod's law! I think the Faroe Islands were where all the eclipse hunters went that time, funnily enough they got all the clouds, iirc :P
  7. I was walking to school during the 2015 eclipse here and it was a mostly clear day. Very surreal, the sky went very slightly towards purple and all the birds went quiet :P Wasn't much darker than normal though, it was about 75% I think, totality could only be seen from the Faroe islands.
  8. (tired ranting) Jeez, I struggle for nearly two hours to get to sleep and what do I end up with? A nightmare within another fucking nightmare, in which I'm terrified by a doom map (custom monster), supposedly wake from that dream to a very convincing copy of my room, hallucinating said monster in here with me and having a mental breakdown in trying not to fall asleep again. Ugh.


    It's not helped by the fact I woke up for real a few times throughout, just to add to the confusion.


    Too real, not cool. I'm tired. The other maps in that WAD were cool though so that's something I guess :p

    1. leodoom85


      Have you tried to listen to some music while trying to sleep?

      It might help...

    2. galileo31dos01


      Best way, confront the monster. How do you do that? No idea, but once you beat them, it disappears, and you can sleep in peace.

    3. Ichor


      ...and the totem keeps spinning...

    4. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      heh Ichor, haven't even seen that film but I still get the reference.


      Well, it's behaviour was somewhat different, but I found my monster :P

    5. leodoom85


      OH...that monster....

      You have those morph eggs? Now's the time to use it XD

    6. SOSU


      The only time i had a nightmare with a monster i beat the shit out of it >:D

      but i hope your problem doesn't escalate to my level of being half asleep and being able to control your body like if you were underwater and hearing machinery noises but actually sleepwalking...

      confusing i know

    7. galileo31dos01


      Ophidians are funny, how do you dream them?

    8. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Yeah dunno why my brain settled on them, I haven't even played Heretic that much!


      Specifically this WAD (it was definitely Doom, not Heretic) was like a small set of maybe four or five levels. When I finished playing I put listmaps in console and saw something like MAP00: R.I.P (this wad was by dobu so this is still quite believable :P), so I warped to that map and the fucker just rushed towards me immediately and started stabbing the doomguy repeatedly, and continued to do so after pressing esc.


      That aggressive behaviour and the fact the sprite was edited to contain bits of cyan actually makes it more like something I'd do, now there's an idea, technical limitations aside...

    9. leodoom85


      I think that the ophidian also appears in the Neodoom wad, around map 20 or 21.....

    10. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Of course it's only back in the real world it becomes apparent that it's not even scary :P

  9. Now I'm waiting for that call-out thread over in multiplayer, haha. pls don't you'll wipe the floor with me :< Congratulations on the release dobu! As I expected I was getting about 1.4 SPF at the start area, though it improved to about 2-3 once I moved away from there. Moving about almost feels like a puzzle in itself in these circumstances, like you're being challenged to do stuff while avoiding looking in a certain direction. I feel like one could make something like a limit-removing/Boom-compatible Gorgon this way... So far I only managed to do the puzzle in one of the far ends with the coloured gates/lowering slabs. I then moved on to the castle platforming one but fucking hell that's tough with a low framerate, even with saves and reloading every time I fell off, so I'm stuck there ultimately. I think normally I'd be raging about this but fortunately I just can't out of my appreciation for the insane amount of work that's been put in here. Starting to think dobu himself is from one of these distant otherworldly realms :P Glad people seem to be enjoying the music so far too. Over the past few months I've been working on a fairly large musical contribution to one of dobu's other projects, and I hit the halfway mark with it about a month ago, which is when the music of this map was brought up, my repertoire is still pitifully tiny so when dobu asked if I had anything that would fit the map, nothing even really came close, and I wanted a break from Pano so here we are. Dobu asked for a 5 minute piece, I gave him nearly 7, and part of me feels that still isn't enough Given that it took me that long just to work out where I wanted to go first, but nobody has complained about it being too short so far so I guess it's not really an issue. Happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to this, thanks dobu :)
  10. I fear I'm not the master of rainbows anymore D:
  11. Big names like Symphony of the Night and FF7 came out in 1997. Unfortunately I've never played any of these and out of what I have played, I don't have much to choose from this year. 7th Legion and Monster Truck Madness were cool, lol
  12. ! @bonnie Have you played THT: Threnody? antares pulled out an absolute stunner of a map to go with this midi so I can recommend checking it out, it's a strong wad all round really. @Not Jabba thanks for the kind words! I'd say that Legion of the Lost probably exaggerates my abilities though, as it's a very melancholic piece to begin with, and that's the kind of sound that clicks with me the most I suppose.
  13. If I'd known one day I'd have to actually play this, I probably would have reined it in a bit. That start is sheer brutality :( Made it to about 60% speed this evening.


    (Here's the midi in question, this part is at 3:20)