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  1. That one I do know, it's Something I Can Never Have.
  2. What I'd be interested in seeing from the new frontend is having it be possible to get to the file just from /files/file/id without including the wad title - this way the Ig template and similar at Doom wiki can be simply modified and all links there that point to the old frontend go to the new one instead. If not, that's gotta be several thousand links to fix :D
  3. Evilution-map15.png

    1. Breezeep
    2. mrthejoshmon


      ^ Yeah, looks like Dead Zone (MAP15).

    3. Devalaous


      Old skies like this always make me want high resolution versions


  4. Seems like something Monti would put in his maps, but I couldn't find it in any of his wads on idgames.
  5. I don't mind pinkies, but I find "effective use" of spectres just annoying, since it pretty much translate to a bunch of virtually invisible monsters combined with other monsters and probably in a situation where the otherwise sensible weapon of choice is the rocket launcher, which happens to be my favourite weapon to use. Can't really think of the worst offender for it, Resurgence MAP01 had some awful spectres where visibility is concerned, but given the situation they're encountered in there it's far from the most annoying.
  6. Rebirth!


  7. Not resembling my avatar as much anymore, haha.
  8. Bonsoir! We will be playing this WAD in full on ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival this week, 8pm CET. Hope to see some of the authors join us!
  9. Mystified (04:12) [redacted] Mystified (04:21) For MAP24, possibly a bit of a sloppy ending, let me know if you want it drawn out a little longer!
  10. Download link 404s for me
  11. Exactly where it used to be?
  12. I think I like this more every time I hear it - sadly that's a bit time consuming (ffs Jimmy :D). Plenty of awesome vocalists here, but Karevik, Mills and Jansen are the main standouts imo
  13. PARTIALLY!?!?