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  1. Eris Falling

    Favorite Doom Wad Soundtrack?

    Knightrider of Doom - Legend of the Black Sun
  2. IMO $18 is perfectly reasonable and if I was in a more favourable position financially right now I'd happily pay above that because that soundtrack really is worth it.
  3. Eris Falling

    The Top 25 Most Nefarious Secret Sectors of All Time

    I believe he was the one that set it up. The symbol it appears on is the letters G E Z on top of each other.
  4. This dumpster fire of a thread holds a special place in my heart because it was in progress when I joined DW; it's among one of the first threads I saw on this site, and it's incredible. @Xaser's post about how integral carrots are to Doomworld's history? Chef kiss. Angry all-caps meltdowns? You got it. The only thing missing here is the good old [newproject] tag.
  5. Eris Falling

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    This is the kind of content I like to see on my Doomworld. Easily the best thread about ranking sector boats I've ever seen. Thank you, John Paddock.
  6. Eris Falling

    Favorite Level From Each Map Number?

    meh, still better than the countless 'worst X' threads. Also vertex 423 in E1M1 is pretty rad.
  7. Eris Falling

    Favorite Level From Each Map Number?

    Too difficult for me to get a whole list, but got a few of my easier choices down: MAP06 - Count Trakula's Castle (50 Shades of GRAYTALL) MAP07 - The Mancubian Candidate (Valiant) MAP10 - Ruins (Jenesis) (either that or Fomalhaut from THT: Threnody) MAP12 - Transduction (TNT: Revilution) MAP16 - Leave Your Sol Behind (Ancient Aliens) MAP19 - Cryosleep (Whispers of Satan) MAP22 - Acerola-Orion (Ancient Aliens) MAP24 - Tough Skin River (BTSX E1) MAP30 - God Machine (Sunlust) MAP31 - Festering Wicked Helix Sectors (Resurgence) MAP32 - Anagnorisis (Eviternity)
  8. Eris Falling

    Original WAD Soundtracks With Distinct Themes and Leitmotifs

    I did this for Panophobia, which is as yet still WIP. I wrote a short track for each odd-numbered map (these are little intermission vignettes which themselves have a consistent visual theme) which each have this ticking clock, always the same speed, and this itself comes from the Ribbiks MIDI used on the final map, and in some cases they reference the track used on the following map too. It was pretty fun to put those tracks together.
  9. I'm really too busy to participate, sorry, and honestly I've never been interested by BP's Doom work enough to do something in that vein. But that's just me, this is a great idea for a project, good luck to everyone taking part!
  10. I was working on this but ran out of ideas and had other projects to work on so I dropped out, here's what I had if you're interested: Doom If not, I was gonna try and finish it off myself at some point whether for Ruined Village or the unused pile but I'm not fussy either way.
  11. Eris Falling

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Runner-up in 2017.
  12. Eris Falling

    Underrated WADs

    Let's talk about some gems that never got the attention they deserved, or got unfairly bashed when they were released. No examples from me because I haven't played doom in forever but like some others I'm tired of 'worst this, overrated that' threads so here's a counter. More positivity, people!
  13. @Deⓧiaz haven't seen this before but @Ichor