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  1. ..Right in the hole...

    I've played guitar about 4 years now, and I have never known a bigger irritation to occur...

    I'm just sat there playing some random song which doesn't exist, then I hear a loud clatter inside the guitar.
    My reaction was just a simple:


    But never mind! This has happened a fair few times, I can get the pick out in a jiffy!

    Ten Minutes Later:
    I haven't even seen the pick, and it's still rattling about in there. Eventually, It falls into the centre, directly under the hole. So, okay then...I just gotta flip the guitar over and job done. Right?


    Somehow it managed to slide down right back into the darkened depths that are the bottom of the guitar. Bollocks.

    So I start shaking and jolting the flipped guitar about once more, now with numerous solids falling out and hitting me on the face (not the right ones though, unfortunately).

    Eventually I've got it...behind a small ridge somewhere on the rim of the hole. I can't see it and guess what? It's bloody stuck there..

    Pessimistically, I start thinking that eventually I'm gonna end up with a bruised face what with all those bits and pieces falling out and a battered guitar it's a pretty dense room

    Amazingly, the guitar didn't smash, and the pick was now resting on both one of the strings, and the edge of the hole.

    Right Eris! It's your big moment! Better not fuck this one up!
    Guess what! I didn't. But seriously, though that took around 20 whole minutes in what has been known to take less than 20 seconds.

    If you are still reading after reading this blog FULLY, then you have too much time on your hands

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    2. printz


      Or simply holding the plectrum tight enough not to butterfinger it? I only dropped it once into my classic guitar.

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      glenzinho said:

      The easiest method I find is turning the acoustic upside down and 'shaking' it as a gold prospector would use a pan in a river.

      That's the weird thing though. I've always done that, and it's taken less than a few seconds. Did it on this occasion and 20 minutes...

    4. DuckReconMajor


      I think the logical solution here is to fill the cavity with thousands of picks.